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We were spending a few days in Bournemouth since we are having yet another heat wave. But the heatwave and looking at the temperatures in London reaching 37 Celsius is making me anxious. Checking the weather report it seems we will need to find more permanent options to escape the London heat. The pattern changed about two years ago as far as I remember. In the UK, we even had heatwaves in April last year, with temperatures climbing to 30 Celsius.

seaside beach summer: Green recovery from Covid

Following the Covid pandemic, we have an enormous chance to get thing right and literally hit the reset button. This must not be wasted. The global crisis of climate change is not stopping because of the virus. In fact it continues to accelerate. We can’t return to prosperity unless we build a green economy which works for the whole world and bring about a green recovery from Covid. The UK could lead the way along with the EU (although don’t get me started on Brexit!).

The government did realise this opportunity and set out a plan. However this plan is inadequate. Greenpeace’s manifesto sums it up really well what the government should be doing. So about two weeks ago, Plan B (the organisation that successfully challenged the UK government over Heathrow expansion with only 11 members of age 9 to 79 – clearly showing that we as citizens have enormous power in our hands (so we better to use it) delivered another legal challenge against the government “green recovery” plans as they are unlawful and inadequate.

Here’s what they wrote in their pre action latter:

“The government can either follow the scientific and economic advice and take a decisive step towards a cleaner, fairer and more sustainable economy, creating vast number of new jobs – or it can ignore that advice by prioritising its corporate sponsors and locking us into the path to climate breakdown and a future that is grim beyond words. “It seems that Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings are set on choosing the second option, but we can’t let that happen.”

I’m fully behind this action so here’s the link to learn more about it or how to support Plan B: https://planb.earth/get-involved/

I have just volunteered, hoping to help with whatever I can to bring about a green recovery from Covid.

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