Daily Note: World Oceans Day

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It’s World Oceans Day today.

It has been created to help inform the public human actions on the ocean and develop a worldwide movement to protect and sustain our waters.

So as a responsible global citizen I’m going to do just that with this post.

sea beach ocean waves World Oceans Day

We all know – especially if you watched Seaspiracy but it’s hard to escape from the fact anyway, just how important and vital are they to our planet. Covering most of our blue planet, oceans absorb CO2, they provide oxygen for us to breathe, home to many living organisms that play vital role in the eco system and provides food and living to humans – many humans in facts.

And this is a bit of a problem, because of human activity (fishing and shipping industry plus a heating climate) has a massive negative impact on the oceans. So rather sooner than later, these people depending on the ocean will loose their livelihood too if we don’t cut down on our seafood diet and stop polluting it. It’s a complex problem, but we now know what happens if we don’t act now. Altogether, the outcome will be devastating for all of us if we don’t change our ways.

We can do a lot of things though, which are not at all hard and – this is the crucial point though: if we all do a little more today than we did yesterday because we know more now: then it’s a lot easier for everyone. It is not enough if a few environmentalists go fish free or swap for reusable period products. We all need to do our share, on World Oceans Day, and everyday, as we share the same planet and there’s nowhere else we can move to.

So why not

  • give up most fish meals
  • cut down on single use plastic
  • choose reusables
  • help at beach cleans if you can
  • don’t leave rubbish at beaches
  • choose reef friendly sun screen
  • choose second hand and avoid plastic in new clothes
  • avoid buying items with international shipping, buy less and more local
  • and of course: campaign!!! Sign the petitions, spread the word, support the actions of charities, NGOs and social enterprises protecting the seas. 

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