Daily Note: World Refill Day

plastic bottle in the sea

As you know I have a refill shop so it’s important that today I talk about why is it important to change our consuming ways. And whilst of course not achieving zero waste (I don’t think that’s possible at all) but we all do our bests to reduce plastic pollution. 

Plastic pollution en bloc mainly really consist of single use plastic as per the name. This means all the packaging material we use only once gets discarded. 

Now plastic has been invented for the opposite in fact: a sturdy and light material that we can KEEP REUSING. But with the last few decades of plastic has been turned into the real evil that pollutes our oceans, made of fossil fuels at the first place and we now reportedly digest a credit card worth of plastic a week, it’s been found everywhere from human blood to the Mount Everest.

Obviously, this has a huge negative impact on nature, the Earth and us too as we’ve no idea the long term consequences of digesting this much of plastic. 

This has to stop. But we all have to work together.

So today I’m joining with City to Sea, the UK’s an award-winning campaigning organisation on a mission to stop plastic pollution at source to call for action from both of you guys and our policy makers too. This is so important to consider not only on World Refill Day, but everyday too. 

Why should we start refilling?

🌎 because we can’t recycle our way out of the single use plastic problem
🌎 only 9% of all plastic gets recycled globally
🌎 even then, they can only be recycled once or twice
🌎or it gets shipped to developing countries where they can’t cope with it – see the battle @sungaiwatch is endlessly fighting
🌎 plastic and fossil industries are best buddies. Even with the current efforts, plastic production is estimated to be doubled in the next 20 years. Which means more plastic in our oceans and more carbon in the atmosphere.
🌎but converting just 20% of plastic into reuse models would save millions of tonnes of plastic and create green jobs and businesses

So, just refilling your shampoo and washing up liquid bottles in your local zero waste shop – you help a lot! Furthermore these products are kind on your skin and on the environment too as they contain no parabens, sulphates, palm oil or other hormone distrusting nasties.

Do you want to know who are the biggest polluters?

Watch this video.

What we want from the policy makers in the UK

We’re asking Government to set a target with the Environment Act to reduce the UK’s single-use plastic by 50% by 2025. This 50% reduction should be achieved by making 25% of packaging reusable by 2025, rising to 50% by 2030. Reusable alternatives must be universally designed to work for everyone’s needs and the decisions about items being eliminated must be informed by the disabled community.

Please join the refill revolution on World Refill Day and everyday and help us to eliminate single use plastic waste.

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