Deck the Halls: A Crash Course in Holiday Hosting

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Christmas season is fast approaching and with it, an influx of family and friends to your household. Not to worry! We’re here to help you transform your humble abode into an impressive winter wonderland perfect for holiday hosting that’ll leave grandma proud and in-laws green with envy.

Deck the Halls: A Crash Course in Holiday Hosting

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Clean and Declutter

Before the magic can unfold, there is one less magical task that lies ahead: cleaning and decluttering. Think of this step as your “Home Alone” moment: an intense rush of activity which sets the scene for all that holiday cheer to come pouring forth! Begin with a thorough cleaning of the house – one that would pass the white-glove test. Next, engage in decluttering mode by giving each room an inspection and clearing away items that don’t add festive spirit or are unnecessary for daily life. Remember: Christmas clutter should be festive; everyday clutter less so. This process not only creates more space for guests, but it also allows your holiday decorations to shine without competition from clutter. The more preparation work you can complete now, the fewer chores there’ll be when three mulled wines have been consumed and you need to find room for Aunt Edna’s homemade fruitcakes.

Deck the Halls 

Once your home is decluttered and you’ve taken steps to organise, it’s time to bring out the tinsel, hang stockings, and make your living space look like it has come straight from a Christmas storybook! After selecting a colour palette (such as classic red and green, classic gold and silver or even trendy winter wonderland with its blues and whites), your next task should be decorating the tree as the centrepiece of your holiday decor. Select one that complements your space, then decorate it with lights, ornaments and an angel or star at its pinnacle to complete its appearance. Don’t forget to adorn your halls (and walls and mantelpieces) with garlands, wreaths and candles as well! Pro Tip: Scented candles that exude pine needle, cinnamon spice or gingerbread can add an extra festive ambience. Don’t neglect the exterior either: A welcoming wreath on your door and twinkling lights around windows will greet guests warmly as they arrive at your home for the holidays – remember that “Home for the Holidays” should not mean visible from Space!

Make Sure the Guest Rooms Are Prepared 

With family in-laws arriving soon, now’s the time to transform those guest rooms from mere storage-for-random-things into five-star-worthy havens. Start by making sure each of your guest rooms are tidy, uncluttered, and free from anything that screams “Sorry! This was a last-minute thought!”. Make the bed up – there’s nothing quite as welcoming as crisp linen! If your budget permits, add thoughtful touches like a water carafe, reading light, extra blankets and an emergency basket of toiletries – who hasn’t forgotten their toothbrush somewhere along their travels!? Add a shelf with clothes rail and hangers or empty a dresser specifically for their use. Consider spending a night’s trial run yourself in the room as this can reveal any lumpy mattresses or draughty windows that could need repair. Also remember that Wi-Fi passwords have become just as essential these days so make sure they’re visible – happy guests are ones who can share photos from their vacation on social media without using up all their data!

Plan Your Pantry

Food can be the gateway to people’s hearts – nothing brings families together (or soothes tension) more effectively than good meals! Therefore, planning your pantry is absolutely vital to family wellbeing. Stock up on essentials such as coffee, tea, and the baked goodies loved by Aunt Edna. Don’t forget the ingredients for your traditional Christmas meal as well as enough snacks for late-night family games or movie marathons! Beverages should also play an integral part of any holiday gathering – from hot cocoa for children to Uncle Bob’s whiskey, make sure everyone’s beverage of choice is available to them! Once your cookware and dinnerware is organised, take the time to check your cookware and dinnerware; nothing dampens festive spirits like running short of gravy boats or dessert spoons at the last minute! Pro tip: create a list, check it twice, and shop early so as to avoid last-minute supermarket rush. Also remember: nothing says welcome home like having enough supplies ready and available to cater to guests’ gastronomic whims; prepare to ho-ho-host!

Christmas Dinner Prep

Once your pantry is stocked with festive goodies for holiday hosting, it’s time to begin your Christmas dinner preparations. Every family has a traditional main dish they rely on for festivities; but Christmas dinner stands alone as the ultimate family meal experience. Stuffing, sides, and Christmas cookies all feature on a traditional table. Begin planning your menu early; and stick with tried-and-tested recipes that have proven popular with guests in years past. Create a comprehensive list of everything you’ll need, then cross-reference with your pantry supplies. Is Aunt Lucy going vegan this year or does Cousin Mark require something gluten-free? Keep everyone’s dietary preferences and restrictions in mind and prepare as much of the meal ahead of time as you can, then freeze any extras until Christmas dinner arrives! On Christmas day, divide up the tasks among family members. From peeling potatoes and setting the table to keeping wine glasses full – many hands make light work! So get that apron on and blast some holiday music; revel in the chaos – not only are you creating food memories here!

Christmas decoration - A Crash Course in Holiday Hosting

With foresight and planning combined with some holiday hosting Christmas magic, your home can become the place where holiday memories are made. Keep in mind that it’s not about the size or number of gifts under the tree that matters but instead the love shared among family. Cheers to an unforgettable Christmas!

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