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Whether you’re naturally gifted with a great sense of humor, or you have a love for comedy, join a comedy club in Santa Monica and grow as writer, producer, or a performer. You’ll meet great people, who just like you, want a place to hone your talents and skills in the comedy industry.

man success happy win

Put Yourself Out There

In order to grow, in any area of life, it requires you to be vulnerable and to put yourself out there. If you have dreams of working in comedy, and want to be taken seriously, the first thing to do, is to take yourself seriously. This means that playing it safe won’t cut it anymore. If you join a comedy club in Santa Monica, you’re bound to meet amazing people from all over the world in this diverse and open community. Cultivate a culture of support, encouragement, motivation, and acceptance.

Become More Refined

You’ll see that after being exposed to so many experiences, and putting your skills and talents to the test, you will only get better at what you do. You’ll also develop a newfound confidence as either a comedian, a comedic writer, or a producer as well as a confidence in yourself.

Make Connections and Expand Your Network

Not only will you be inspiring other people, but you will likely be inspired by others as well. At a comedy club, you could get help, create something beautiful on your own and with others, and put your comedy to the test. If you are looking for opportunity, here, you will be immersed in it, and you’ll be around all the right people. If you are serious about your career in comedy, your colleagues will keep you in mind for future endeavors and opportunities.

Fun and Laughs

You won’t be chastised for being a clown, and you will meet other hilarious individuals. Imagine the memories created in an environment where laughter is encouraged. Who doesn’t want to have a good time at work? Laughter is contagious, but don’t worry, because it is also very good for you; which leads to the next point.

Laughing Has Many Health Benefits Which Include but are Not Limited to:

  • Positive impact on cardiovascular system.

  • Reduce pain and disease incidence.

  • Increases Endorphins and decreases cortisol levels.

  • Improved creativity, cognition, and satisfaction with life.

Make The Next Step

Feelings of hesitation are perfectly normal, and can also be mixed with feelings of exhilaration. Make the next step and join a comedy club. This could mark the beginning of a fulfilling and transformative career marked by hilarity followed by financial prosperity.

Author Bio

Nicole Blaine is the owner and founder of The Crow, a comedy club and education space that is a safe space for all to laugh, learn, and evolve as humans through comedy, writing and the performing arts. As a stand-up comedian, writer, producer, and mom, she loves curating comedy at The Crow for ALL AGES, ABILITIES, GENDERS, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ humans performing, studying, and watching.

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