DIY Eco-Friendly Hacks To Keep Your Home Cosy This Christmas

Christmas decoration

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Looking forward to Christmas already? At the most wonderful time of the year, making sure your home feels cosy and warm is one of the best ways to get into the Christmas spirit. With these easy DIY eco-friendly hacks, you can begin to get your home feeling festive in no time at all, as well as beginning to live a little more environmentally consciously too.

cat on radiator: DIY eco-friendly hacks.

Change up your lightbulbs

Getting festive means creating a Christmassy feel within every aspect of your home. From seasonal decorations to your furnishings. Switching up your lightbulbs to eco-friendly, dimmer bulbs help your space feel cosy and warm, with hardly any hassle. Whether you choose to change up your big lights or lamps, dimmer lights help you save on your energy bills and add to the Christmassy ambience you’re trying to create.

Bleed your radiators

Feeling cold quickly puts a dampener on your festive spirit. In the run-up to Christmas, it’s important to test your heating system for any issues or faults that might come up. One of the best ways to stop your house from getting chilly when it’s frosty outside is to regularly check up on your radiators. If your radiators feel cold at the top but hot at the bottom when the heating is switched on, or you can hear your pipes banging around your house, you might need to bleed them to keep the air circulating, and your home warm.

Offering a range of energy-efficient boilers to suit your home, lifestyle and budget, BOXT’s handy guides give you all the information you need to keep your home cosy and warm in the days leading up to Christmas and beyond.

Keep your candles burning for longer

One way to get straight into the festive spirit is to burn seasonally scented candles or tea lights. From pine to cinnamon flavours, candles cast a warm glow that help you get in the festive spirit, They also keep your home smelling fragrant and fresh, all for very little cost.

To make sure your candles stay burning right until the wax has all melted, try placing foil around the top of your candle while it’s flickering. This will ensure the wax melts down equally, so you’re never left with an unusable candle. Plus you can enjoy your candle for longer.

Use natural cleaning products

When the whole family is gathering together at home, it can be easy for clutter and mess to build up quickly. Your home feels cosiest when it’s spotless and sparkling. So it’s tempting to be constantly cleaning up after your guests with shop-bought sprays.

However, cleaning sprays are often made with chemicals that cause harm to the environment. They can degrade your furniture and homeware over time too. Luckily, natural alternatives do the job just as well. Cleaning with condiments you already have in your kitchen cupboards, such as lemon, vinegar and salt can make for spotlessly shiny worktops and windowsills, without damaging either your bank balance or your environment.

Using natural cleaning products also helps you add a new lease of life to your furniture. They reduce everyday wear and tear, and stop scuffs and marks from becoming noticeable.

Start getting into sewing

One of the best things about winter is snuggling into cosy socks, fluffy blankets and knitted jumpers. If you’re looking for a new hobby to get stuck into, you could start patching any clothes or blankets that have been used a little more frequently. As well as becoming a fun pastime to help keep you occupied when it starts getting dark outside, patching up your belongings is a more environmentally friendly way of reusing your clothing. Plus it will help you stay warm all winter long.

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