Don’t Like Your Tattoos Anymore? Don’t Worry – You Can Now Get Rid Of Them

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Tattoos are cool. But what if you don’t want yours anymore?

I don’t have a tattoo myself because I’m extremely anxious about getting one and then one day waking up and not wanting it anymore. This has stopped me getting one over the years when I actually really wanted one – but probably not for forever. I do like tattoos though, but on others – and really very few in my opinion looks really good and one of a kind. Most of them are quite boring to me even to look at let alone living with it forever. Well, in those days, in my early twenties (back in the 90’s and before) it was impossible to remove a tattoo. All they could have done to unwanted tattoos was to fade it or the other removal options damaged the skin and in the end it looked much worse than the tattoo itself. I know this, because some of my friends ended up with dodgy tattoos which then they regretted – but they couldn’t do much about it. 


What can one do about unwanted tattoos?

When you’re very young you do all these things, but people change. At 20 years old you don’t necessary consider that in 5-10 years you don’t want that tattoo on the back of your neck for a number of reasons. Luckily, these days, with the help of modern science and the latest technologies like Pico and Q-Switch Lasers you can get rid of your unwanted tattoos easier than ever. They are not as expensive as you’d think. Firstly, people need less sessions (only 4-8 sessions for colour tattoos) and secondly a single treatment starts as little as £65 with the Pulse Light Clinic. You can also get interest free finance options with them which means you don’t need to into debt to remove a tattoo you can’t live with anymore.

How does it work?

Laser tattoo removal works by pulsing laser light into the tattoo which shatters the ink into tiny pieces, the body spots these particles as a foreign substance and removes the minute ink particles using the natural detoxification processes. Laser tattoo removal does not damage the skin, like excision, dermabrasion and acid. With this new technology now it’s possible to remove even the toughest colours like green and blue. The lasers suitable for all skin types on most colours.

So, now you know that it IS possible to get rid of unwanted tattoos – go for it if you don’t like yours anymore.


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