Dry Skin Dos And Dont’s For The Plump, Glowing Skin You’ve Always Wanted

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Who doesn’t want beautiful, plump, glowing skin? You can achieve beautiful skin at any age, and it’s never too late to start. However, if you’ve noticed that your skin is quite dry lately, you might be wondering what you can do to get the bouncy look back. Below you’ll find some pointers that can help you! 

Do Use Hyaluronic Acid 

Hyaluronic acid is a fantastic skincare ingredient that can be found in moisturisers or used as a serum. If you’ve noticed that your skin is dry and lacklustre, adding this to your routine could make a huge difference. Just ensure you buy it from a reputable company. The best hyaluronic acid comes in pump form to minimise contact with air, not pipette form. 

Don’t Use Hot Water 

Using hot water on the skin can be a huge mistake for dry skin. Instead, use lukewarm water. Don’t take super hot baths or showers, either! 

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Do Find Natural Products To Support Your Skin Type 

Look for natural products to support your skin type and improve barrier function. Your barrier function is so important, and ceramides can help with this. If you have a specific issue, such as psoriasis, then something like Grahams Natural Psoriasis Cream can help you. 

Don’t Try Too Many New Things At Once 

Overloading your skin with too many new products at once or instantly switching to a new routine could cause some problems. Changing just one thing at a time will give you a much better idea of what works for you, as well as the effects of a product. If you start using three new products at once you’ll never know what made your skin better/worse! 

Do Get To Know Skincare Ingredients So You Can Make Up Your Own Mind 

Start learning the basics of skincare ingredients so you can make your own mind up when buying products. Alcohol, for example, is included in many skincare products but can be extremely drying. Using an alcohol free toner and other alcohol free products could help to transform your skin. Check out these Environ range skin care products.

Don’t Forget To Pay Attention To Changes In Your Skin

Changes in the skin can be hormonal, seasonal, or down to something else. Pay close attention to these changes so you can pre-empt them. 

Do Exfoliate (But Not Too Much)

Exfoliation can get rid of dry, flaky skin cells. However, you must avoid over-exfoliating! 1-3 times a week is plenty, depending on how sensitive your skin is. Never use St Ives scrub, as the ingredients in this are too harsh and cause microtears in the skin. Instead, use a natural coffee scrub. It’s probably best to stay away from exfoliating toners, as they can also be too harsh and drying. 

Don’t Forget To Protect Your Skin From The Sun!

When you’re exfoliating and using various products on the skin, you should protect it from the sun. Absolutely everybody, regardless of skin type, should be protecting their skin from the sun. Use a spray on SPF to make it easier! 

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