Eco By Sonya Winter Skin Review

eco by Sonia

I really miss sunshine in the winter months and I missed my tanned skin. I just do. I used to live in Spain where I used to have a natural tan throughout the whole year. I’m fully aware of the health consequences of sun tanning, but I’m totally addicted having a tanned skin. I would never (well, never anymore) go as far as a tanning salon for a healthy looking tan, since I’ve learned how damaging they can be to my skin.

As an alternative, I’ve tried a few self tanning lotions over the past few years – mostly with hilariously bad results. Remember he ones giving you a lovely orange colour, covering your palms too and not being able scrub it off for days? And most of all: the smell of them! I could not stand the smell of my skin after application. I gave up on them in the last few years.

Until a few weeks ago, when Ethically Organic sent me this new gradual tanning moisturiser from Eco By Sonya. Ethically Organic is a great site for all your organic and ethically produced beauty and skin care products.

What the product claims:

“Eco By Sonya Winter Skin is Certified Organic, award winning gradual self tanning lotion,  Best of all, it is a moisturiser, so not only does it help to build a sun kissed glow, it is also extremely nourishing for your skin.”

My verdict:

Yes! Finally! This is the self tan lotion I needed in my life, absolutely honestly!

Here’s the photographic evidence:

Obviously, the photos are not manipulated or filtered.

These are my favourite things about it:

* It’s got a very light texture, very easy to apply it and so it takes less time to apply it as a thick cream.

* I didn’t have to wait to put my clothes on – they will leave no mark even when getting dressed immediately after applying the lotion.

* Because it takes a little time for the tan to develop, I had time to wash my hands after using the product.

* It gives a very natural tan. I used it for 3 days in a row, then skipped a day. (Photos after using it continuously for 3 days.)

* I used it both on my face and my body. No itching or irritation. Note: like any coloured facial product, it will make wrinkles a little bit more jumping out, without make up on. Maybe you can use it on the face only every other day.

* No smell!

* Made with only organic and natural ingredients, free from synthetic fragrances, toxic ingredients and artificial orange dyes.

* It’s cruelty free!

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review, all opinions are my own.

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