Eco-Friendly Memorial Options

tree and wall: Eco-Friendly Memorial Options

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For those who lived their life looking after the environment and close to nature, death might be also a natural thing: the part of the circle of life. We born, we live and we die. For them it might be also important that their death has as little impact on the planet as possible. But what are the options when it comes to memorial and funeral services? These days you can even get online memorials – quite a lot of options out there! In this earlier post I have talked eco-friendly funerals, and now I’m going to talk about eco-friendly memorial options.

This is because those loosing their loved ones find it important to keep their memories alive, often also want to have a physical memorial, a place to go to and remember. Or an object which helps them to remember. 

tree and bench: Eco-Friendly Memorial Options


Cemeteries are the obvious place to think about when it comes to eco-friendly memorial options. You can even make an old memorial looking better and look after it on an environmentally friendly way by using eco-friendly cleaning and weeding methods around the grave. If you are looking for memorial headstones, make sure they are made of real stones without any plastic. Avoid plastic flowers and other plastic items, like vases.

Biodegradable memorial decoration

Choose florists that work with seasonal, local and ethical flowers and completely biodegradable materials in their designs. These are much more fitting tributes for someone who loved their garden, walking and nature.

Memorial benches

A memorial bench is a special and thoughtful way to remember a loved one, standing as a reminder of their life for many years to come. It also offers a special place for family and friends to reflect on their special memories and moments shared. A popular choice for many; simple text, poems, quotes, even pictures and logos, can be engraved into your bench to provide you with the personalisation you’re looking for. 

Plant a tree

Your tree dedication will provide a long-lasting tribute that can be visited time after time – and support local wildlife and the environment too. You can do this in a woodland trust or even a park, you just have to contact the local authorities. Each tree and area is only dedicated once so it’s unique to you.  Or you can dedicate a tree in your own garden – in which case every time you look out the window you will see the tree planted and dedicated for your lost loved one.

Set up a fundraiser for a charity

A way to remember and a way to give. You can get involved with a charity and you will always remember why you started to help. You can create a lasting impact by setting up a memorial fundraiser for your loved one’s favourite cause.  Add a layer of environmental impact by choosing an organisation that helps the Earth.

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