Environmentally Friendly Interior Design: Reclaimed Wooden Tables

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Being eco-friendly and interior design can mix

A fantastic way to help preserve the environment, and feel great about doing so is owning reclaimed wooden tables. Their benefits are one to seriously consider. You help limit deforestation by using reclaimed wood as your dining table. They’re made of a harder wood as their wood tends to come from older grown trees that have lived longer and therefore are more durable by standing the test of time. They simply look absolutely amazing with their weathered and aged looks, you won’t find any other dining table that would stand out in your dining room by character alone. On top of this, they are totally unique, some offer their own amazing story as they might have been used for crates, ships or even old barns previously. Why not be part of that story and invest in an exclusive piece of reclaimed wood dining table yourself, before it’s too late.

Environmentally Friendly Interior Design: Reclaimed Wooden Tables

Go Furniture’s sustainable wood

Some of Go Furniture’s extending dining tables are made from oak, ash and pine that are all sustainable woods. As oak is a hardwood it makes dining tables therefore extremely durable. Sustainable wood dining tables are a responsible choice. They can come from managed forests, where the trees themselves are looked after, where they help prevent damage to wildlife, as well as looking after the eco-systems. For your next dining table make sure you choose wisely. They can also help you narrow down your choices with handy filters.

What better way of feeling great about giving new life to an item that would otherwise end up in landfill, that you’re taking an item that has previously been used for something or other and giving it a completely new purpose. In the words of Phoebe Buffet; “that’s why you have to buy it, to fulfil it’s (Christmas) destiny”. And it’s our destiny together, as the human race, to be eco-friendlier, to protect the future of ourselves and other generations to come. We should do this by always keeping in mind to make sure that we’re constantly thinking; reduce, reuse, remake, recycle.

Why reclaimed wood? 

Why not be part of the bigger picture and do your bit for the environment? Reclaimed wooden dining tables, or dining tables made from oak or ash are a great choice in helping to preserve our future. As they’re super eco-friendly you only need to buy one dining table. And because it’s such a durable, hardwood material, it will certainly last a lifetime for you and your family, and their families to come.

On top of this if you bought an extendable oak dining table, then you would definitely be looking after your family and the environment. As your family grows, so can your extending dining table to suit your ever-growing family. Or you can simply fold it up as they fly the nest and as they visit on special occasions, you can simply pull out to extend, and the circle of life continues. This therefore makes them a fantastic space saving addition to any dining room too, look after your environment and let your family flourish for generations to come.

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Nice! A fashionable, yet rustic look – I like it!


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