Essential Tips to Help Design a Kid-Friendly Bathroom


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When your home has a kids-friendly bathroom, it can be one of the great additions to your home, especially in cases where you may be having several kids and many bathrooms. Allowing the kids to have their solace will make it easier for you to maintain your privacy while allowing them to be responsible and independent.


Have Stencils and Stick-on accents

You may think that the likely thing you can do to your kid’s bathroom is repainting or adding more colors or space or changing and replacing what is in the bathroom with new things. However, not all bathrooms should undergo this to look good and accommodate your children’s needs. Perhaps, if your kid’s bathroom has tiles, maybe around the bathtub, at the backsplash, or in the shower stall, you need to develop a bit of creativity and give your kid’s bathroom a new look. 

You can do this by stenciling some patterns on the bathroom design and the tiles. Also, if you have no time to do the stencil work, you can opt for the stick-on accents, which can be effective in helping you create a unique look. Finally, you can consider random tiles and make them pop, especially if the tiles are in good condition.

Use Brighter Colors 

When you opt for brighter colors for decorating your kid’s bedroom, it will be easier for you to maintain a youthful vibe without the kid’s bathroom appearing immature. Also, when you liven up your kid’s bedroom with brighter colors, you need to stick to your scheme color, which should get done throughout the bathroom. And in cases where your kid’s bedroom connects with the bedroom, then you should keep using the same scheme and colors for kids.

Remember the Bathroom Will Need to be Cleaned 

Your kids may not be in the position of keeping their bathroom spotless, and because of this, you need to design it with this in mind. Your kids may be messy, and they will start covering it whenever you give them space. So, you need to develop ways to limit the surface area and start making space for everything while ensuring everything in the kid’s bathroom is cleanable. 

You can opt for smaller towels and smaller mirrors, and your wall tiling should be easier to clean. The fewer the painted surfaces in the bathroom will be, the better. You can also make life easier by opening for super durable materials and avoiding natural ones since they quickly stain. Also, opt for unbrushed fabrics in the bathroom because they do not show the daily use specks.

Pick a Theme 

If you want to design the best bathroom for your kids, choosing the best theme can help. Consider a piece for your decor, then stick to it.  You may visit the stores that provide sets for your kid’s bathroom to get different ideas. Although, if you decide to pick and choose your own, you need to remember to use the theme elements sparingly. Avoid using the same bright theme on the counter, curtain showers, and walls because it can look hectic and overwhelming at the same time.

Instead, use some fun character-driven shower curtains with colors that easily complement the wall. If you think a theme border is a good idea, you can add it. Also, don’t forget the smaller knick-knack essentials like the kids’ towels and toothbrushes because they can also bring a unified look.


Your kid’s bathroom storage can be crucial because many things can get stirred, starting from towels, shampoo bottles, and even bath toys. You can consider kid-friendly storage in the kid’s bathroom, which can help prepare and clean their baths independently.

Consider adding some hooks

Having multiple kids means you should have numerous towels, many clothing items, and even bathing robes and the things they will love to hang. You can have a hard time getting kids to hang their towels to the right place in the bathroom. Since the towel bars can be challenging for the kids to reach and hang their towels, you can replace them with hooks because it can give them a more kid-friendly look.

Since the bathroom will have many hooks, you can consider choosing from those with excellent metal finishes or ceramics. In addition, you can look for the themes that match the bathroom decor of your kids, and the time you install the hooks, you should do it at a kid’s level as this will give the kids a much easier time.

Add a kid’s friendly shower head

The shower you’re using should not be the same as in the bathroom. Instead, opt for a shower that can be the perfect fit for your kids. Choose a shower system that offers a single or shared operation of the showerhead and a wand that includes an average of five spray patterns, a pet attachment, some cleaning attachment, and a waterfall setting that is perfect for the kids.

Accommodate the needs of the kids 

Your kids may need a stool so that they can reach the sink. In this case, you can opt to invest in a folding chair, and the seat can get used in a place in the house. On the other side, you can use different ideas from Southern Living, which will help create a recessed step that you can put under the cabinets. It can get pulled out if one needs to reach the sink, as it can get pushed back to its place for another time. 

Control the water temperatures 

Your kids may have a hard time regulating the water temperatures, and when this happens, you can consider installing an anti-scald device in the kid’s bathroom. These can help constrain the flow of hot water throughout the faucets to minimize burn risks.

Consider non-slip surfaces 

Having a slippery surface can be a challenge in the kid’s bathroom. It would help if you considered using non-skid mats, especially in the tub and in the shower, and in cases where the floor doesn’t have a slip-resistant surface. Also, opt for some absorbent rugs and mats around the sink and the toilet.

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