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Ethical and Eco-Friendly Fashion: Nomads Clothing Review

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These items were sent to me by the brand and the post contains affiliate links.

As you might know already, one of my favourite pet hates is fast fashion. Fast fashion embodies a lot of things going to the wrong direction in our days: promoting over-consuming, endangering the environment, harming people’s self-esteem and creating dangerous addictive habits and fuelling unethical practices in the process of manufacturing. Good news is: we DON’T have to feed the monster. There are plenty of good brands doing good things providing us with choices. As I often say, one of the main reasons I really like about blogging that we, bloggers can use our blog to make difference. I love bringing these alternative choices to you. I don’t like to call them alternative though, because in my view, ethical shopping should be the norm. 

nomad clothing

Ethical and Eco-Friendly Fashion: Nomads Clothing Review

This time, I’d like to introduce Nomads Clothing a Cornwall based indie brand, making wonderfully colourful designs with natural fibres (like viscose and cruelty-free merino wool) and GOTS certified organic cotton, with all the prints are created with Azo free, environmentally approved dyes. This is a very important, as by washing and caring for your clothes means that fibres (both natural and synthetic) will inevitably break off the clothing item and going into the wastewater. 

Another aspect of buying clothing items is the ethical one. This can include a few things to think about: how manufacturers treat their workers (safe working environment, fair wages, respecting their free will, no child labour, gender equality and more) and also fair trading: transparency in the production process and trading as well as complying with all the legal requirements.

I’m fully aware how little percentage of the clothing brands care for these things, but as you can see, some do. And so I choose them. This is why I accepted being a Nomads Clothing ambassador. I was kindly sent a few items from their new spring collection and I was delighted when I received them. Firstly, they came in completely biodegradable packaging (both the inner and outer packaging) as well as shipped with a responsible, CO2 neutral delivery.

What I thought about the garments

The clothes are wonderful quality, the colours are just perfect for me: I picked lime greens, lagoon blues and coral pinks as I love those! They are comfortable, soft and can be dressed up or down. They totally match my style and lifestyle.

nomad clothing

nomad clothing

nomad clothing

nomad clothing

I loved them so much I could’t pick a favourite one so it’s a draw between the cardi, the dress and the light weight jumper.

They also have a collection for men and offer free UK returns as well as worldwide delivery.




  1. I have to admit this isn’t a brand I have heard of before but it sounds fantastic! I love how comfortable the clothing looks, something anyone could wear!

  2. I hadn’t heard of this brand before but they sound great. The clothes look super comfortable and they are great colours.

  3. I love lightweight jumpers, and now that summer will be approaching, they’ll be perfect for those months.

  4. Some beautiful colours there, especially the jumper, great for this time of the year when the weather can’t make up it’s mind x

  5. What I’m looking for in any outfits is it has to be comfortable to wear. That looks really stylish and I absolutely like the color too!

  6. Firstly, you look fabulous in the clothing. The colours you picked absolutely suit you. x

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