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Ethical Days Out For Families Who Care

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When the sun has got its hat on and the whole family feels like going out to play, who wants to spend their day strolling dead-eyed around some retail park? We must not have gotten the memo that said that shopping was suddenly a fun family activity, but it’s not a theory that we necessarily subscribe to. After all, we want fun, challenging and absorbing days out for our kids that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives, we don’t merely want to teach them to be good little consumers. The trouble, however, is that ethical families can find themselves wringing their hands when it comes to ideas for a day out, especially if they love animals. While a day at the zoo might seem like a family friendly activity, even the best maintained zoos represent a particularly shaky patch of ethical ground. Not to worry, however, any of the following can be a fun family day out that not only does good for the planet and the local environment but brings you closer together as a family.

Break out of an Escape Room

You’ve likely noticed an Escape Room pop up somewhere near you. While these may not be appropriate for very young kids they are a fun prospect for families whose kids yearn for adventure. Essentially, you’re trapped in your own video game. You’re locked in a room and you have to work together, solving puzzles and using your problem solving skills in order to escape before your time runs out. It’s a great opportunity for you to work together as a family and nobody is harmed or exploited in creating this entertaining situation.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

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Visit a sanctuary

Zoos are ethically problematic because they represent a degree of captivity which is distressing for the animals and limits their ability to be released back into their natural environment where they’re happiest. However, not being able to visit a zoo doesn’t mean that your family can’t enjoy a wonderful experience with animals. Visit one of the country’s many sanctuaries for animals who have been rescued from the animal agriculture or tourism industries. You’ll get to see happy and healthy animals in a compassionate environment and your kids will get to understand just how important animal advocacy is in a caring society. These places do great work and your business will not only make for a fun day out but help them to rescue and care for more animals.

Visit a nature reserve

If you live in a busy town or city centre it can feel like urbanisation is slowly robbing the country of its natural beauty. However, it rarely takes more than half an hour’s drive to find some truly breathtaking and expansive nature reserves that not only make for a great walk amongst stunning surroundings but allows your children to see plants, animals and birds in their natural habitat rather than caged and under stimulated for the amusement of humans.

Pack a pair of binoculars for bird watching and a picnic lunch and your kids won’t want to get back in the car!

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