Ever thought about signing your DIY furniture and crafts with a branding iron?

Logo branding

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Every artist and craftsman deserve recognition for their work; carpenters, wood crafters and DIY fans are no exception.

It’s easy to think of a painter signing a canvas or a photographer signing the back of a photograph, but how do you go about signing wood? If you have created a new piece of furniture or completed an upcycling project, a branding iron is the perfect tool to sign your wooden creations with your signature or logo.

Logo branding

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Branding irons can be used on any type of wood, although the darker the wood the harder it will be to read the mark, which is good to bear in mind.

You can choose between an electric branding iron or a torch heated branding iron, and the first step is to design your very own logo or signature for the plate.

Electric Branding Iron

With an electric branding iron, it really is as simple as 1,2,3.

  • Create a logo or design for your electric branding iron
  • Plug it in to heat it up
  • Use your branding iron to stamp your creation

Torch-heated Branding Iron

A torch-heated branding iron is more of a traditional, skilled process that takes a little longer.

You will need to use a blow torch to heat the iron evenly across the whole design before carefully stamping the wood, ensuring the burn mark doesn’t spread too far and you don’t cause yourself an injury. 

A torch-heated branding iron will last longer than an electric branding iron, and if you are after an eco-friendly option that truly puts “craft” into craftsmanship then a torch-heated iron is for you! It takes a little longer, but if you love the process then this shouldn’t stop you.

So, if you are thinking about signing your DIY wooden furniture and crafts then look no further than a signature branding iron.

Whether you own a wood business or you craft wood as a hobby, a branding iron is a quick and effective way to leave your mark.

Source: https://www.gearheartindustry.com/

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