Evergreen Summer Accessories You Can Never Get Bored Of

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Summer is really around the corner and with that we can swap our spring wardrobe for our summer wardrobe. It’s time for summer dresses, sandals, shorts and accessories! Whilst I tend to keep things longer in a bid to reduce my carbon footprint, I do have summer clothes that I have owned for years. I try to avoid buying anything for just one occasion or season, especially new. That has a negative environmental impact. 

But time to time it’s nice to add something new, especially a cute accessory. But then again it’s either comes from second hand or I make sure that I invest into something that I can enjoy for the years to come and not just for one summer. 

Below I have a list of my favourite summer accessories that are so evergreen, that they will always be in fashion.

summer straw hat

Straw bags and hats

Any type or shape: straw bags and hats are a real classic, they look effortless and cool plus made of a natural material. They never go out of fashion and they are a quintessetial summer accessory. You can definitely find one that you like and keep it it for the years to come.

Promise rings

Of course, something you always want to keep is a promise ring. So it is always in fashion, always close to your heart.Each ring shimmers with all your beautiful moments to come. Browse Jeulia’s wide selection of fashion rings to find the perfect ring for every occasion. From elegant to fun, express your unique style with our fashion rings. Jeulia also has a partnership with the Ocean Preservation Society since June 2019 and they support the non-profit organisation.

jeulia ring

jeulia ring


Sunglasses are also a necessity for many people as it protect they eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB rays – but it is one of the most important summer accessory. People tend to invest in quality and wear them for years. Also, you can buy sunglasses made form recycled ocean plastic. With these you can directly help the oceans to be cleaner and plastic free.

Headbands and headscarves 

In the hot weather these are not only a very stylish accessory but also can help to keep your hear out of your face and sweat. It doesn’t matter what pattern or print you choose – go with your own taste.

Summer scents

Whoever said that fragrance is a way of accessorise was right! The right fragrance can make a big different and can lift your mood too. Choose a summery, fruity scent – and make sure the perfume is cruelty free!

fashion bag sunglasses

Natural ways

And of course when in the mood and maybe on holiday, a colourful flower in the hair, a floral tiara and anything natural – but sustainably sourced – will always be in fashion. Dare to have fun and play with natural accessories.

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