Everything About Packers & Shims: How Can They Help?

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Packers and Shims are small tools used in construction and DIY tasks. They might seem tiny, but they’re crucial for getting things straight and stable. Let’s talk about a company called Packers & Shims. They’re part of the B.I.G Group and work with Speedy Fixings. From their factory in Colchester, they make and sell these items (95% of their products manufactured in the UK).  If you’re into  DIY and building stuff yourself, you should check them out. Here’s the breakdown on what they offer and why they’re a big deal in the construction world.

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What are Packers?

Imagine, that you’re setting up a shelf or installing a window and it just won’t sit right. That’s where packers come in. They’re like little wedges or blocks that help you level things up or fill gaps. You can find them in different materials like steel or plastic, depending on what the job needs.

What are Shims?

Shims are pretty much like packers but even thinner. They’re all about making tiny adjustments to get things perfectly aligned. Whether it’s adjusting a door frame or levelling a kitchen cabinet, shims have got your back. For more ways to use packers and shims, take a look at this blog on sub-urban mum.

You can solve common household issues with the pair, like

  • aligning doors and windows
  • stabilising furniture and appliances
  • getting rid of squeaks and creaks
  • fixing drainage and water flow issues
  • general improvements of functionality

How to choose the right one

Consider the material, load and capacity and of course the environment to make it more eco-friendly before choosing. packers and shims.

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What Packers & Shims Website Offers

Need packers or shims? Their website is the place to go. They’ve got a massive range – one biggest in the UK. Whatever the job, chances are they’ve got the exact shape, size, and material you need. You can even customise to your exact dimensions! And if you’re not sure what to get, their team is there to help you figure it out. They’re big on making sure you get what you need quickly.

Packers and shims are essential for any construction or DIY project, each type tailored for specific needs. Plastic Shims are great for minor adjustments and suited for outdoor use due to their water resistance. Steel Square Packers offer robust support for heavier structures. Horseshoe Shims are versatile, easily fitting around bolts or pipes for quick adjustments. Plate Washers help in distributing loads to prevent damage, while High Load Plastic Packers are designed for tasks requiring additional strength. These tools ensure every project is completed with precision and stability.

But when it comes to smaller DIY projects, any of these are a good choice. Whether they’re plastic or steel, they’ll do the job if they fit.

So, there you have it. Whether you’re a builder or just doing some DIY at home, Packers & Shims has got what you need to keep things level and secure. With their expertise and the, you’re in good hands.

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