Expecting a Baby in 2022? A Guide to Getting Your Home Baby Ready

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Becoming a parent is something that many of us have dreamt about. From the moment you find out about your pregnancy to the very first hold, nothing comes close to how it makes you feel. Parenthood is a significant change in your life and comes with its challenges, but it is undoubtedly very much worth it.

At the same time, knowing what you need to do in the run up to your due date can be challenging, and you naturally want to remain as stress-free as you can during this time. That’s where we are here to help!


Having Your Baby’s Room Ready

While it might be some time until your baby sleeps in its own room, you will want to have the room ready for your baby’s arrival. Painting and decorating while juggling your newborn will not be fun! By having this aspect of your planning completed before your baby’s arrival, you free up your time for resting and bonding with your new bundle of joy.

Many parents opt for flooring and wallpaper that is easy to clean and minimalistic. At the same time, this does not mean that you cannot add an element of your personality into the room décor. Create a wide variety of square photo prints of your favourite images to bring some life to the room. Available to order through reputable sites like Inkifi, your baby’s room will look top-of-the-range in no time.

However, having the décor in your baby’s room ready is not the only thing you need to consider. This takes us to the following point.

Stock Up on The Necessities

It goes without saying, but when having a newborn, you want to be as prepared as possible for its arrival, whether early, on time, or late. Stocking up on nappies, clothes in various sizes – your baby will grow pretty quickly – blankets and feeding equipment. At the same time, you will want to ensure that you have the means necessary to take your baby out and about, including having an appropriately sized travel seat for your car.

You might be tempted to purchase all of these things yourself, which is entirely natural and understandable. At the same, understand that your friends and family will want to get involved in this part of your journey. Whether they gift you certain items on a whim or at a designated baby shower, your baby is undoubtedly going to be spoiled by those around them!

Nesting, Organising and Rearranging Your Home

This is a process that many expectant mums go through when they are reaching or in their third trimester of pregnancy. The urge to clean, organise, and prepare your home for your newborn will be high. While there is nothing wrong with giving in to these urges and getting your home ready, you will want to ensure you are looking after yourself during this time.

Getting plenty of rest is always recommended while also refraining from lifting anything heavy. If you have furniture in your home that you want assembling or moved in preparation for your baby, consider asking someone else to move it for you.

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