Exploring New Bike Routes in 2022

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After enduring two years of a global pandemic, many of us are ready for some adventure. As new COVID-19 developments surface on an almost daily basis, planning fun and social events has become a bit challenging. But cycling is a great recreation choice — it’s easy to socially distance and you don’t need to go to crowded places to have fun.

Perhaps you’ve just bought your best women’s electric bike or you’ve received a lean and mean cruiser as a holiday present. Maybe you’re itching to get out on your faithful set of fat wheels. Whether you’re eyeing a quick weekend trip or a longer getaway, both offer wonderful opportunities for exploring new bike trails.

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Top 10 Best Winter Trails in the US To Discover

Snow, ice and cold temperatures don’t stop many cyclists from hitting the trails. And for some biking enthusiasts, winter is the perfect time to take the two-wheeler out and explore. Several top-rated trails across the country provide plenty of adventure and challenges:

  • Kingdom Trails Nordic Adventure Center, Vermont
  • Cuyuna Lakes, Minnesota
  • Grand Targhee Resort, Wyoming
  • Crested Butte, Colorado
  • CAMBA Trail System, Wisconsin
  • Park City, Utah

If you’re not a fan of cold weather, don’t worry — you still have plenty of bike trail options this winter. You’ll want to check out these four warm-weather destinations:

  • Los Angeles River Trail, California
  • Rickenbacker Trail, Florida
  • San Clemente Beach Trail, California
  • Jekyll Trail Island, Georgia

Special Tips for Snow and Sand

Of course, riding on anything other than light trails requires a slightly different approach. In both snowy locales and warmer destinations, you’ll want to pay attention to the type of terrain you’re riding on. Depending on where you go, that may call for a different type of bike than your usual set of wheels.

While on the beach and island trails, you may wish to venture onto the sand. Many riders can get good mileage out of a fat tire beach bike when riding on sandy ground. The wider tires allow for easier traction on these surfaces, so you move on top of the sand rather than sinking into it.

Snow can vary widely in its texture, plus how loosely or tightly it’s packed. Some riders opt for fat tires on snow because the wider tires deliver better traction — not unlike riding on sand. Before you venture onto these trails, you’ll want to do a little research. Some trails are groomed, meaning that the powder is groomed and packed. Others, like the six snowy trails mentioned earlier, are explicitly geared towards fat bikes.  

Your Winter Biking Adventures

Regardless of your winter weather preference, there’s much to explore by bike in 2022. The earlier mentioned 10 trails offer some excellent starting points for exploration. If you don’t have a bike yet, now’s the time to shop around. You can find plenty of deals during and just after the holiday season. And when you’re evaluating sixthreezero vs. Schwinn bikes, you need to understand the unique features and selling points of each. Doing your homework is key to choosing a model that meets your needs.

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