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When seeking a place for storing your belongings, the number one top priority for most is security. There are tons of things that can go wrong at a self-storage facility, everything from theft to flood. That’s why when scouting for the best storage units, it’s essential to look at their features and whether or not it is enough to keep your property safe, also, to accommodate your belongings. 

A mixture of features needs to be present, to consider a storage facility for your personal use. Some facilities are only open some days and times, while others have 24/7 permittance. Which of these work better for your needs? Take a look at some of the top-rated features self-storage users rank as most important. If you decided you need to rent a storage unit, read on!

storage house

Availability 24/7

One of the worst feelings is having your items stored and not being able to get to them. This is the equivalent of keeping a security box at the bank. Having access 24/7 means there are no restrictions for you being able to load and unload your unit. The flexibility of when a person can access should be non-negotiable amenities. You can find a lot of these kinds of self storage in London. 

Video Surveillance and Recording

Because most crime happens at night, the exterior of the property and hallways must be monitored. Video surveillance has helped stop and capture many who seek to steal. A study performed by Data Net It concluded that the installation of a video surveillance system helped to reduce the crime rate by 50% or more. There are a few types of video surveillance options you can use, including CCTV. One of the best options out there are updated systems that can be remotely monitored. While having a guard on site adds another layer of protection, many companies will have to account for the extra expense, which often translates into higher rental rates.

Inside/Outside Units Available

Some storage facilities offer two unique experiences for their customers. One is to have an indoor unit that is climate controlled. Climate controlled units are especially useful for the short term storage for high priority items, or those that need long-term and desire a more enclosed environment. 

Outside accessible units are one of the most common of the self-storage unit types. The reason most people like this are that you can drive up to your group. If you have more substantial items that need to be stored, like furniture, and you don’t want to do the heavy lifting up stairs or long distances, these are the perfect solution.

Gated Entrance

To further add to security, a gated entrance is the first defense. Every storage facility should feature a gated entryway, and better if it is outfitted with card entry. While this might be a more expensive feature to install, it is well worth limiting access to customers’ goods. For those units that are outside, a gate is mandatory. In addition to having the entrance gated, the whole facility should have a surround. By ensuring that all units have excellent protection will give customers peace of mind that while they can’t always be at the storage unit, their items are in the best care possible.

Flexible Payment Options

Most places now will allow you to pay online. If your storage facility makes it a hassle to pay, it can often result in losing your items. 24-hour a day pay online options should be available. This can prevent accidentally forgetting to make a payment that could cost you your belongings. 

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