Features to Look For in a Dog Grooming Table

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Grooming your dog is one of the most important elements of dog care. You want to keep their fur looking healthy and smooth for not only appearance but general wellness. Here are some features to look for in a dog grooming table.

dog pet

Having the Right Size for Your Pet

Whether you have a poodle or a Great Dane, make sure you have the right size dog grooming tables to match each pet. Make sure it has a good length and can handle the weight correctly. Not one size fits all.

Also, you may want something that has an adjustable height in case you have multiple pets. This comes in handy for pet owners that have dogs that are different sizes. It’s a good way to save some money instead of purchasing multiple tables.

Find Tables to Match Your Usage

Remember, there are different tables out there for various reasons. Maybe you want a simple home grooming table that’s strictly for the house. You may have in one section of the home that your dog enjoys.

Maybe it’s a place where your dog feels at peace. This is great to have on deck to keep him situated while you groom him. On the other hand, you may travel a lot.

In this case, a mobile grooming table works well. You might stay at a hotel that allows pets and need to groom your dog. A mobile one has the right spacing to fit in the room and you can fold it to save space.

Good Restraining System

Whether it’s tethers or hooks, you need a good system to help restrain them while on the grooming table. Also, these need to be made for their size, so it’s a bit more comfortable. You can settle them down gently as you begin the grooming process.

For larger dogs, you may need a harness to help hold their weight. You can use nooses for the smaller dogs to keep them situated in one spot.

The Right Material

Each dog has its personal preference. If you notice your dog likes a more carpeted feel, pick one with a softer material. Also, know your dog’s balance. You may need to choose a grooming stand with a non-slip material so they don’t feel anxious walking on it.

By knowing your dog’s size and taste, it’ll be much easier to find the right dog grooming table for your buddy.

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