Fisher Space Pen: The Perfect, One Of A Kind Christmas Present

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Just how hard is it to by something truly unique and personal for your loved ones? Especially your other half? I’ve been looking at various Christmas gift guides for men as inspiration but haven’t really found any suitable present.

Then I came across the site of The Pen Company which is an online store for designer, premium quality pens. Not only they have a large collection of beautiful pens (fountain pens, ballpoint pens and mechanical pens) but they also have a great range of pretty diaries and stylish notebooks.

Why a pen? A nice pen is always a good present idea, gifting a pen inspires creativity. A pen symbolises intellect. A pen as a present makes an impression of sophistication and culture.

I picked the iconic Fisher Space Pen AG-7 Astronaut. This is the only pen, which was exclusively used on all manned space flights. It is the only pen that has been to the moon, and is still used today by all American, Russian, European and International Space projects. Writes at any angle, through grease, underwater, on coated papers, plastic. It’s got chrome body, a gorgeous sleek design and a dream gift to every nerdy and geeky person. Like my husband.

I’ve heard about the existence of this pen earlier but I never actually came across finding it in a shop or being able to buy it. I’m absolutely in awe of it.

The Pen is reasonably priced at £65.95 but currently on offer at £54.95 – so go and get it now. It’s a price, what’s not stupidly expensive to pay for a pen, but at the same time represents the quality, the durability and the usability of the product. It’s the original space pen, after all!

The Pen Company also offers free engraving services with a few different fonts and free delivery too. The delivery was also very fast (first class, same day dispatch).

Disclaimer: I received this Fisher Space Pen in exchange for my honest review. This hasn’t influenced my opinion, as I genuinely love this pen.


  1. What a lovely pen. I love having ‘posh’ pens it always makes me write a lot neater and take care when doing birthday cards. I have a special pen I use for these occasions. xx

  2. What a great idea! I also bought my husband a pen for his birthday earlier this year – it was before I found out about your blog so I used this nice chap in UK who makes them by hand. I liked them so much I ended up getting one for myself too :b Pens are a great gift, and I am paranoid about losing my pen so you can never have enough 🙂

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