Five Fun Hen Party Ideas That Don’t Involve Single-Use Plastics

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If you’re looking to plan a hen party but you want to do something a bit different and something that’s good for the planet then you could look into organising a sustainable hen party. You might be looking to plan it for a bride who lives an ethical life and wants a green and ethical wedding, or you might just want to cut down on your waste and on the planet. This will include single-use plastics which is something that is a major issue for the world, and the amount of plastic that is thrown away and ends up in the oceans is scary, and something that governments should be doing more to tackle worldwide.

The wedding industry is one sector that has recently started to tackle the issue of sustainability with lots of wedding suppliers and venues now looking to be more ethical minded. There are even venues that have been set up specifically with this as their intent and ambition. There are plenty of things that you can do for a fun hen party that won’t involve single use plastic.

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Sustainable alternatives

Everyone enjoys a hen party and celebrating with the bride to be, this usually involves a party with plenty of things such as a sash, single-use plastics, novelty straws and other novelty items. One way to make sure that your hen party doesn’t use any single use plastic is to find alternatives for these items, so for example, instead of using a plastic sash that will be worn once and thrown away, perhaps you could make one out of paper that could be recycled afterwards, or recycle some material and make your own! Borrowing items from friends is another way to not only cut down on costs but also will ensure that you recycle and your hen party remains as sustainable as possible.

Organise a spa weekend

This is a great idea for a hen party and will be a nice and relaxing way to celebrate with the bride. At the spa make sure that you use glasses or re-usable glasses rather than plastic cups that will only be worn once and thrown away. If everyone who is attending is located in different parts of the UK you could look at organising a spa weekend somewhere central to everyone to avoid too much travel for everyone.

Afternoon tea

This is something that could be incorporated into the spa weekend or something as a nice additional fun activity for you all to do. You could make it more fun by asking each guest to bring along their own homemade cake too, and enjoying bottles of bubbly!

Arts and crafts

If the group of hens enjoy art and being creative then you could look at organising an arts and crafts activity for the hen party. There are plenty of classes that you could attend such as pottery making, or painting, life drawing, jewellery making or even a cookery class. Try to pick something that everyone enjoys, especially the bride to be. This is also a great way to create something that you can all take home with you and have a keepsake of the party.

Yoga or dance class

If fitness is something you prefer over being creative then attending a fun class such as a yoga or dance class is a great hen party activity, and with it being an activity there isn’t any need for any single-use plastics to be used.

Book a glamping night away

If sharing a small tent outside sounds like your idea of a nightmare, then glamping might be for you! This combines the freedom of staying outside amongst nature but is a bit more luxurious than just a tent. There are lots of ideas if you are considering a glamping night away, from hiring a log cabin or a yurt out in the countryside. A lot of these sites come with hot tubs, luxury duvets, en-suite bathrooms and on-site catering facilities. If you want to really go all out you could hire a private chef to cook your own meal, which will save on washing up as well! After you’ve had a meal you could all sit outside around a fire, look at the stars and enjoy some fizz and games.

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