Floating Furniture Trends for Interior Decorators in 2022

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Trends in interior design usually change from time to time due to many people sharing their ideas. Most interior designers showcase their work on the internet, which usually spreads quickly if they have done a good job. One of the rising interior design trends in 2022 is the floating furniture trend.

Floating furniture means placing all furniture in the center of the room, leaving space usually a foot two between the furniture and the walls. When you talk to your interior decorator, they might suggest you try the floating furniture trend.

Before you decide to try the furniture floating trends, here are a few things you need to know about it.

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Perfect for Saving Space

When you place your furniture in the middle of the room, you can save enough space for other items. For example, walls can be a great place for storage, like installing a bookshelf for all your books. If your furniture touches the walls, you will lack space to place your bookshelf.

Makes a Room Cozy

If you will entertain guests regularly or you have a family, an interior decorator will recommend that you try the floating furniture design. When you place all your furniture in the center, you will create a cozy environment. If your house is too big, the floating furniture trend will ensure furniture is closer to each other, making it easy to converse.

Defining an Open Area

If you live in an open area, you can use the floating furniture design to define certain areas in the room. Your interior decorator may suggest that you place living room furniture and dining room furniture together, and the space between the two can define where the living room and the dining room is.

Suitable for Lots of Traffic

If you have many guests or family members, the floating furniture design will help you create a space where people can move around easily.

If people keep knocking down your accessories, your interior decorator will suggest you try the floating furniture design. People will use the space between the wall and the furniture to move around, avoiding knocking down your accessories.

Is Floating Furniture a Good Thing?

How you arrange the furniture in your house can also improve the look inside your house. Floating furniture has become a trend in 2022, and most people are using it because of its proven benefits.

If you want to save on space, define your open areas, or create space for human traffic in your house, you should consider using the floating furniture design.

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