Daisy London jewellery

Forever Summer with Daisy London Sustainable Jewellery

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Gifted items.

In the past I wrote a few posts about why is it important to choose ethically made and sustainable jewellery. When it comes to precious metals and stones – our planet has a limited resource: what’s being mined right is probably the lasts of the resource. The supply is limited. The demand never. Mining precious stones and metals have an impact on both the environment and the local communities where mines are based. When buying ethical and sustainable jewellery, it’s important that it has been sourced and produced in a way that is sustainable. Equally, it’s vital that it does not cause harm to those involved in the process of its creation.

With so much of the precious jewellery materials being in use already, recycling is one way to create beautiful new jewellery. I’ve been sent a set of bracelet and rings by Daisy London – and that’s exactly what they do: they recycle old silver into elegant, new jewellery.

Daisy London rings

Daisy London Bracelet

About Daisy London

Effortless yet elegant, everyday jewellery that you’ll love for years to come. The jewellery is made to last and includes a one year warranty as standard. Because Daisy doesn’t do throw away fashion. The kind of modern heirlooms that are made to last, sustainably crafted in 100% recycled sterling silver and 18ct gold plate. In their collection you can find earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.

Charity donations

Since launching Daisy London has donated to over 30 charities. (WWF and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust just to mentions some well known charities.)

Sustainability credentials

Daisy London aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Which means the whole supply and manufacturing chain is part of this.From the materials to the packaging, all the factories and  workers. All of Daisy London jewellery is hand-crafted from 100% recycled 925 sterling silver. The brand works in keeping with the Responsible Jewellery Council’s guidelines with trusted, family-owned factories in Italy and Thailand. The packaging is recyclable and made from FSC certified materials. 

Daisy’s Plastic Pledge

The newest partnership is with 4ocean. For every item ordered, Daisy x 4ocean will remove 90g of plastic—equivalent to 10 plastic bottles—from our planet’s oceans. For each item you buy, they’ll send a donation contributing to 4ocean’s clean-up efforts.

Daisy London jewellery

Daisy London jewellery

Daisy London jewellery

What I thought about it

I chose the following pieces from Daisy’s current collection:

Beloved Green Onyx Baguette Bracelet 18ct Gold Plate

Beloved Green Onyx Baguette Ring 18ct Gold Plate

Beloved Fine Pink Opal Band Ring Sterling Silver

Choosing the jewellery is easy (if it’s not for the fact that all their jewellery is so so pretty that it’s really hard to pick your favourites) because the rings are coming simply in sizes ranging from XS to XL (with a size guide and measurements for each size) and lots of good photos so you can inspect the item properly before deciding to buy. Mine were all true to size. The bracelet also have 3 hoops for the hook which makes sure the bracelet will be sitting just as you like it.

How much I love them? Very much. The jewellery is beautiful, I absolutely adore the green onyx and gold combination. The baguette shape of the green onyx framed with two white topaz stones makes a very Art Deco look, which I adore. Same with the silver ring with the set of pink opal and white topaz. The rings are perfect for stacking, as you can see on my photos they look fantastic together!

Daisy London jewellery


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