Fornessi Carry Me Wrap Review


I use baby carriers with Babi a lot, sometimes even at home to calm her down (teething…) or help her to take a nap. It also played an important role in establishing breast feeding in the first few weeks.

It’s good to keep more than one, just in case, or for different tasks. I have never tried less constructed baby carriers before, so I was very exciting when our new Fornessi Carry Me Wrap arrived. The lovely Angelika Cullen is the mumtrepeneur behind the brand and she’s a fellow eco-warrior. Knowing that a product is eco-friendly, was a big plus for me. The Carry Me wrap is designed to have only a minimal impact on the environment: it’s biodegradable (so as its stylish storage bag), coloured with non-toxic ink, and doesn’t contain solvents.

I chose a brilliant pink colour for my little girl. The feel of the fabric is super soft and silky, with great elasticity. Putting it into use was very easy, even for a wrap-newbie like me (with the help of Fornessi’s Video Tutorials). Babi is quite a little wriggler, so after fastening it around my body, I sat down to wrap my baby. This method worked the best for us. The wrap is long enough to fit it around any body shape.

My baby girl fell almost instantly asleep when I wrapped her in, which is a good indicator how comfy and safe the wrap is. She snuggled in, and absolutely loved it. So did I. We tested the wrap out on a walk and at home, just doing stuff.

In case you haven’t heard about the advantages of baby wearing, here’s just a few reasons to give it a try:

  • For all the sceptics out there, baby wearing is not a neo-hippie thing: humans are using baby wraps for thousands of years.
  • Especially in the first few months of their little life, it helps bonding, calming and feeling secure.
  • The closeness raises mum’s oxytocin level, which is beneficial for breast milk production and helps to fight off PPD.
  • An easy and handy option for transporting the baby.


I’ve been sent this baby wrap to review and share my unbiased opinion about it. I absolutely loved it and wholeheartedly recommend Fornessi’s Carry Me wrap for mums to buy.

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