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4 Great Concrete DIY Projects From Leftover Concrete Mix

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When you think of concrete, ‘beautiful’ or ‘gorgeous’ probably aren’t the first words that come to mind. Most people may think that concrete is purely for driveways and pavements, but the newest DIY trend takes it to a whole new, modern and elegant level. Before you throw away the leftover concrete mix in your garage, take a look at some of these awesome DIY projects that you can use it for.

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Concrete Candleholders:

Candleholders are one of the easiest things to make with concrete and they can look absolutely stunning around the home, too. Simply fill the bottom of plastic bottles with cement and place a smaller bottle in the top of the mixture to create somewhere to put a tealight or candle. You can make them as small or as large as you like, and paint them with concrete paint afterwards to match your home decor.

Concrete Flower Vases:

Who needs to spend money on expensive modern vases when you can easily make your own using concrete? They’re a really easy project to make, too – cast the cement in glass or plastic bottles, and they come out as smooth as stone. You can leave them grey for an urban, modern look in your home or paint them in different colours. They’re a fantastic low-cost ornament idea for your home or as a centrepiece option for weddings. You can easily make yourself an entire set of vases using the contents of your recycling bin and some concrete. Check out the cement measuring tool at MixIt to figure out how much you’re going to need. MixIt sells a wide range of cement options for your projects, too.

Cement Picture Frames:

If you’re getting tired of the basic wooden or plastic shop-bought photo frame options, making your own with cement is a fantastic idea. And, it’s easier than you might think to pull it off and get fantastic results. Begin by using a wooden base and some timber offcuts to make a mould for the concrete. It should consist of an inner and an outer frame. Pour the concrete into the area between the two frames and wait for the concrete to dry before removing your mould and framing your photograph or art.

Concrete-Dipped Lamp Shades:

This project might sound complicated but it’s actually one of the easiest ones out there. First, choose the type of light fixture to work with. You can either go for a lamp that plugs into the wall, or hard-wired hardware. The next step is to get some two-litre bottles and remove the labels. Cut off the top near the spout with a utility knife, then cut off the bottom of the bottles. Place the pendant lamp head over the bottle opening and use a marker to create an outline of its width. Cut along the line and make sure that your fixture fits into the opening. Once you’re satisfied with how everything fits, remove the hardware and sand the bottle with some sandpaper. Then make two small holes at the top of your lamp and thread a wire or string through to give you something to hold onto when you get to the next step; dipping the bottle into your concrete.

Which of these projects is your favourite?

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