Four Ways To Make Your Garden Fabulous During Lockdown

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With recent global events plunging most of the country into a lockdown, our homes have been a real focus for most of us. Given all the extra time we are spending in our houses, and the multiple functions our spaces now have to fulfil – classroom for homeschooling, home office, yoga studio, social space, daycare centre – to name just a few, we are naturally thinking more about improving them. 

The popularity of cleaning tutorials, decluttering methods, and DIY videos have gone through the roof as we repurpose and improve our available space. You will probably have found the sudden urge to reorganise your clothing or tackle that black hole of a cupboard under the stairs yourself. 

One area that is just as important to give some attention to is your garden. If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space available, it has become more critical than ever recently. From providing a much-needed connection to the natural world to giving you a place to exercise, relax, and get some much-needed breathing space, gardens are more precious than ever. It might be time to show yours a little bit more love by planning a garden declutter and makeover. Doing this helps you make the most of the outside space you have available, and can make lockdown a little easier to bear.

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Decluttering Your Outdoor Space

After the winter season, it’s easy for gardens to fall into a little bit of neglect, and a good tidy-up and sorting out is needed to get them looking good again and preparing for the summer season. Start by going around your grounds and picking up any broken pots, old toys kids have left out in the yard, and pulling out any dead foliage. It’s also an excellent chance to check and repair damaged fence panels and check decking areas for loose boards and patios for chips and damage. Use a power washer and some detergent to clean them down and identify any weather damage. Consider getting a chipper shredder tool to quickly take care of any debris and leave the yard clear and safe for the family to enjoy. Get some new outdoor storage containers that can hold spare gardening supplies or outdoor doors and keep them safe and try. Clean everything and put it back in good order – and it’s incredible how much better you feel straight away.

Create A Dedicated Play Area

If you have been encouraging your kids to spend more time outside, then creating a dedicated play area can be an enjoyable way to get them more connected with the garden. Designate an area of the garden and go to town building a bug hotel, setting up a mud kitchen, adding sand and water play trays, and playsets with swings and slides or a playhouse. These kinds of additions to the outside space delight children, and you can choose to add safety features too, like bark chippings for a soft landing or a locked gate that means small children can’t wander out of the play area without your knowledge.

Sort Out Your Kitchen Garden

Your garden can work so much harder for you than merely being a place to relax. Stocking up on herb planters and even growing produce is such a worthwhile thing to do if you haven’t ever considered it before. It’s easier to get started than you might think, gives you a great sense of satisfaction, and can even help to convince kids to eat their five a day – much more fun for them if they have been involved in growing it! One of the most natural things to get started with is tomatoes – merely getting a sack of premixed potting soil, sliding the bag open, and adding the tomato seeds and water. Small potted herbs are also a lovely thing to grow as they look great and add flavor to any dish.

Refresh Your Entertaining Space

One of the very first things we all want to do when lockdown conditions are lifted is to reunite with family members and friends that we haven’t been able to see. What better place to do than in a backyard get together – a barbecue, a drinks party, perhaps even a little alfresco afternoon tea? Use this time to get prepared by sorting out your entertaining space. You can build seating and tables out of pallets, or repaint old garden furniture to give it a fresh look. Arrange potted plants around the seating area and add some accessories such as a chiminea or a fire pit to make your garden a welcoming space.

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