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Four Ways To Transform Your Living Space Into a Sanctuary

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Four Ways To Transform Your Living Space Into a Sanctuary

We all spend a lot of time in the living room. It is a place where we have a conversation, have movie nights, enjoy a glass of wine, or our favorite snacks. If you are not smiling every time you set foot in your living room, you might need to work on the design and make it more relaxing. Whether you have been building up clutter and furniture or neglected decoration, it might be time to start planning your ultimate sanctuary that will make you feel relaxed, at home, and safe. Find a few tips below to get started.

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1 Declutter

Before you would get started with the home improvement project, it is important that you learn how to say goodbye to things and furniture that no longer serve you. From broken candle holders to coffee tables that have no function and take up too much space, there will be items that you simply got used to over the years, and don’t feel like replacing yet. If you are not sure what you would like to keep, you might just put everything in storage while you are creating the design, so you can work with a blank canvas.

2 Choose Your Colour Combinations

The first step of every home remodelling project is to choose the colours that will dominate the space. To begin with, you should choose a background colour that will be present on the walls and on the floor, and some contrasting colours. If you would like to create a modern look, you can make the colour scheme bold; red and black, black and white, or purple and yellow. If, however, you are more like a traditional type of person, go for warm beige colours and shades of brown.

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3 Create a Focal Point

To create a sanctuary in your living area, you might want to design a focal point that will draw attention to itself. Whether you would like to display your trophies, your family photos, or your favourite items, a nice floating shelf or a sideboard will be a great idea. A focal point will be a good way of personalising your space and making it truly yours.

4 Choose the Sofa for Your Personality

You are likely to spend several hours on your sofa while you are home, so make sure it is something you feel comfortable with. Whether you are looking for comfort, style, or evergreen design, you can find the one that matches your personality at Alexander and James Sofas. Use cushions and throws to create a contrast, and choose a colour that is easy to clean and shows your style at the same time.

One of the most important places in your home is the living room. Whether you are living on your own, or use the space to have family conversations on the sofa and watch family movies, you can make this space a real sanctuary you and your friends can enjoy for a long time to come. Focus on personalization and create a strong focal point in your living area.

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