From Galway to London: Top 7 Galleries and Museums to See

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An area as rich and as beautiful as north-eastern Europe is bound to be one of the best holiday destinations you have ever seen! Full of entertainment, fascinating historical sites, and a sense of high culture. Its cities are the perfect way for you to widen your horizons!  So, in order to do that, skim our list of the top 7 galleries and museums to see, starting from Galway, stopping at Glasglow, and traveling all the way to London!

From Galway to London: Top 7 Galleries and Museums to See

Galway City Museum, Galway

Founded in 2006, the Galway City Museum is one of the best ways to get to know this iconic city! 

The historic property introduces you to everything you need to know – traditions, development, cultural stance, entertainment, and more. We suggest making this your number-one priority once visiting Galway. Get to know the area a little better at the museum, then go on exploring everything firsthand! 

Make sure to check availability and book tickets in advance. 

galway ireland

Irish Famine Exhibition, Dublin

The Irish Famine was one of the worst shake-ups in 19th-century Europe. While death, starvation, and disease are not fun to talk about, it is quite imperative that you know this piece of history, especially if you are exploring Ireland! 

The exhibition includes photographs, maps, short movies, and other artifacts from the said time. Make sure to build up your strength before going – some of the facts might be shocking! Also, feel free to travel through Ireland by train; for example, if you want to switch up our suggested museums, or travel back, just take the train from Dublin to Galway and navigate quickly. 

St. Fagan’s National Museum of History, Cardiff

As significant as it is, people all around the world still seem to lack knowledge about Welsh culture, history, and heritage. While you can always read a book on it or watch a documentary, we suggest a bit more of an on-hand type of learning. 

St. Fagan’s National Museum of History in Cardiff is an excellent way for you to get into the Welsh lifestyle and scratch the surface of what makes this country uniquely the way it is. See interactive exhibitions, olden and modern art, displays of tradition, and more! 

cardiff wales

International Slavery Museum, Liverpool

If we are already hitting hard-to-chew topics such as the Irish Famine, you might as well visit Liverpool for its International Slavery Museum. 

Deemed difficult but necessary, the museum is all about commemorating the Transatlantic enslaved people while bringing up their history and legacy. The tour will not be easy, given the matters at hand. However, try to learn as much as possible, and be mindful that Liverpool, as the largest port in Britain, was changed dramatically during that time! 


The National Railway Museum, York

If you are a mechanic at heart or simply enjoy learning about vehicles, you must visit York. Explore their train station, and step slightly further to find the colourful National Railway Museum! 

Everything you need to know about trains can be found right there. With interactive explanations, vivid imagery, and detailed documentation, the gallery will dramatically widen your horizon of the history, development, and continuous transformation of railways and trains. All aboard to York! 

national railway museum


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow

The first one on our list dedicated solely to artistic expression, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow city is one of the most impressive sites to visit in Scotland and an iconic symbol of the genius European mind. 

The museum has twenty-two galleries and exhibitions, including Renaissance art, taxidermy, and even artifacts from Ancient Egypt! The galleries are nothing less than fabulous, informative, and well-thought-out. Kelvingrove is loved by the locals and tourists, so we suggest checking out the tickets before going. 

If possible, wait out the queues – visiting Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is highly worth it and will highlight your whole trip! 

glasgow scotland museum

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Lastly, let’s enjoy the broad spectrum of what England has to offer; starting off with the famous Victoria and Albert Museum in London! By the way, if you have trouble with your itinerary, or if you are only in London for the museums, and intend to get back to Scotland, take the London to Glasgow train and continue from there! 

Very well-known to the locals and tourists, the museum is London’s largest one, dedicated to applied arts, decorative arts, and design. It was founded mid-19th century by none other than Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

The two were passionate about the matter; therefore, much evident work has been put into making the gallery what it is today. See more than 2 million objects of utmost quality and significance, and enjoy the 5000 years of art! 

V&A London

Discover the beauty and history of north-eastern Europe by checking out these galleries and museums to see! However, it is not all about learning – enjoy your time and try to have fun. Best of luck exploring! 

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