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We hear all of the time in the media about how children spend too much time indoors or on screens in this modern world. There are ways you can encourage your children to get outside and run off some energy. 

Even better for parents out there, many of these ideas are free or cheap and only require you to go along and join in if you want to. Some of the ideas below may cost money but may also give you some time to yourself, so there is a bonus there.

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Outdoor sports

Kids love fun sports in or outdoors, but when it’s outdoors it’s even more beneficial for them. Fresh air and fun sports make a perfect match. You can go for a family bicycle ride, learn to roller skate or get them a Micro Scooter that’s suitable for their age  and needs (there are really great and different options available).

Team sports played outdoors are also fantastic for their social and physical development. Even if there are just a few friends around they can play different ball games.

Groups And Clubs

We are sure you will have heard about groups like the Scouts, Girl Scouts, or Brownies. These groups usually have a weekly or monthly charge but give you the chance to have some time to yourself and encourage your children to build on their independence. 

Groups like this will help children build an understanding of the natural world and, in some cases, give survival tips if they ever get lost. So, not only getting your children out of your hair for an hour a week but teaching them valuable skills and lessons they may not have yet learned.

With many of these groups comes a component of time outside, when able, depending on the country and weather. Give your children a chance to make new friends outside of school, take in nature, and learn what they can do to help the planet. 

Nature Walks

You may want your child to be like the youngest boy to climb Old Man of Hoy in Scotland, or you just want them to spend more time walking different nature trails in national parks. You can take advantage of free admission and make a picnic, take your stressful day in the house, and give your children fresh air and space to run. 

Getting outdoors gives you space to feel like you are not being sat on top of all day while giving the children a chance to run off some energy, hoping for a peaceful night. 

If you have younger children and want to make a walk through the park a little more interesting, there are many different nature activities you can print for free online, whether this is wildlife bingo or a simple game of what can you spot with different animals and plants. 

Activities will encourage them to engage in nature and help them learn and understand more. 

Being out in nature for a walk can take as little or as much time as you would like it to, making it the ideal after-school activity or a full-day activity when school is out. 

Give your children some paper and crayons and allow them to explore nature, and different plants and surfaces can also help them learn and experience the world in a much better way than watching things on TV.


There is a balance in learning for children to explore the world through a tablet, TV, toys, and other indoor activities. However, getting out of the house and the children out of your hair can help you feel better while also encouraging them to learn and experience things differently. 

We encourage you to do what works best for you and your family while enjoying the nature we have around us.

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