Getting Organised With Eco-Friendly Notice Boards At Home

Whiteboard learning is fun

Being better organised

I’ve had two New Year resolutions. One is a regular one, this is what I’m promising to do every year: doing my best to live as eco conscious as I can. It means that I add new habits and change old ones in order to live more environmentally friendly. There is always a space for improvement.
 My second resolution for this year was to be better organised. As my son entered pre school last September and heading to reception year this autumn, we all of a sudden have a whole new range of activities and dates to remember. So far, I was happy with keeping everything in my mind and remember small things. However, lately it was just getting too much. I had to scribble things down quickly on a piece of paper (which then I lost) flag emails, keep invitations to birthday parties. As a result, I’ve forgotten about important appointments and bookings.

Getting better organised with eco-friendly notice boards at home

Dealing with the mental load

Blame it on the sleep deprivation or whatever I want, I did forget about important things. I’m pretty sure, a lot of other parents are in the same shoes. The mental load can be quite heavy. So when is the next booster jab? Remember to phone up and book in two week in advance. (Not before and not later than that!) To book my own smear test. There’s a birthday party every second week. Remember to buy card and present (actually, bulk order the same toy and cards?). Pay for Bobcat’s tennis lessons. Order the new lights. See if the builders are available in 3 weeks for small jobs. It’s world book day in the school, we need costumes. Running out of spaghetti and cereal. Pick up dry cleaning on Thursday. We have a theatre tickets on the 25th. (Or is it next month?) Will need to book babysitter. Passport will expire in a few month. And the list goes on.

Diary, notebook, family organiser, notice board

And not to mention the blogging deadlines. So I started to keep a
 diary/notebook and it helped a lot to better organised. I felt like however, that it’s not always enough, because I also need a family planner so my husband can add things too. Like a family planner. For this I like the idea of a whiteboard or even better a whiteboard and pin board combination to have in the kitchen (where I usually spend some time with cooking and thoughts spinning around in my head). These combination colour boards and magnetic whiteboards from Sundeala are perfect for the job. So to the pin board I could just stick the invitation cards on, or the theatre tickets and write the daily and weakly plans on the whiteboard. They also great to display the weakly meal plan so the kids will know what to expect. 

Whiteboard learning is fun

Learning is fun with eco-friendly magnetic white boards

Life as a family – it’s all about planning

You might have heard this already: but children – especially the young ones – thrive on routine. They just like to know what’s going on, what’s going to happen and what to expect. Helps them to learn time and sequences. Now, I have a little boy with suspected autism on my hands and he loves his visuals and plans. For every children not just the ones with ASD, visual plans work magic to understand time. One of the boards from Sundeala dedicated to each child is a great way to teach them about planning their time and chores on a fun way: let them use their favourite colours, draw on the board and fill their timetable in. The mobile magnetic whiteboard charts are also good for studying at home. Writing out formulas or even spelling bee exercises for younger children can be made a little more different from sitting by the desk. My boy for instance, Is having a hard time to sit still and pay attention at the moment so we’re thinking about getting him a standing up or a mobile board.

Eco-friendly notice and whiteboards

The good news is, we can have these without compromising on our green lifestyle as Sundeala’s boards are made from 100% recycled materials. They are also manufactured in the UK so they are locally produced and no overseas shipping is involved. Established in Sunbury on Thames in 1898, Sundeala has a long and successful history at the forefront of the ecological manufacturing industry. Sundeala boards are made from 100% recycled waste and we are the only company in the UK to currently manufacture the boards in this way. The manufacturing process is ecologically efficient and creates absolutely no waste to ensure we never negatively impact the environment.


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