Good Cause of The Month: Tythe

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As you know, every now and then I try to introduce a charity organisation on my blog in order to raise awareness for them. Since I have this fantastic platform, my blog, I try to use it to support good causes too. This month I’d like to introduce: Tythe

About Tythe

Tythe is a new nonprofit, striving to build a collective movement of environmentalists supporting climate action initiatives. They believe in individual action, and want to help eco-conscious people go beyond improving their personal behaviours. Rather than offering a dubious carbon-offsetting service, we’re advocating to support a diverse range of environmental initiatives, & empower the organisations to do what they do best.


To start off, they’re highlighting the work of 14 amazing charities, working on 6 different environmental themes from marine conservation to education to carbon removal. Tythe chose these charities on the basis of evidence of impact, not their marketing budget.

The selection process involves research in collaboration with Giving is Great, where they go through the charities’ impact reports & talk to the teams behind the work. The organisations Tythe supports are all big enough to be taking on significant projects and have a track record of getting things done, but aren’t so big that everyone knows about them.



From this list, individuals can create their own collection of up to 10 charities, and support them all with a single subscription. The list of charities are grouped as Marine Conservation, Reimagining Carbon, Forest Conservation, Building Climate Resilient Communities, Food & Agriculture, Education & Behaviour Change – so between these you’ll find the greatest, most impactful charities like the. World Land Trust or Clean Air Task Force – just to mention a few.

There are currently two levels of subscription:

  • £7.99/mo – the same price as Amazon Prime. What’s more important, financing Jeff Bezos’ space trip or the planet? 😉
  • £24.99/mo – this works out as 1% of the average UK income.

100% of subscription donations go to the charities – Tythe even covers the card processing fees. Subscribers can customise what percentage each charity gets, and in return get a quantified breakdown of some of the tangible impact they’re having. There’s also a monthly blog, which provides an informative roundup of environmental news & updates from the charities. Also, the first month with Tythe is free, so you can see how they work.

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