Guide To Grow Rooms

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A grow room can be an exciting addition to any home. It will provide you with a controlled environment to grow plants.

Here in the UK, more and more people are becoming very passionate about personal and wholesale hydroponics. It is not just about having a place to grow plants; it is about creating a place that is going to aid plant growth in the best possible manner so you see the greatest results.

This is why there is a great assortment of grow room products for people to choose from. You are assured to find everything you need to get started online! But first, continue reading to find out more about the steps you need to take when it comes to creating a hydroponic grow room.

plant pot

Start experiencing the benefits of a hydroponic grow room

From grow tents to reflective sheeting; there is a varied selection of grow room products for sale. So, keep on reading for this handy step-by-step guide on choosing the right products for you…

Step One: Determine what type of grow room you want

  1.    Build your own
  2.    Grow tent – A grow tent comes highly recommended. It saves you the hassle, time and resources that are associated with building a grow room from scratch. If you look online, you will see that you have a huge assortment of grow tents to choose from, ensuring all size requirements, budgets and such like are catered to.
  3.    Clone tent – When you start browsing, you will also see that there is a vast range of clone tents for sale. A clone tent is designed for the propagation of clones and seeds. This type of tent is designed for all stages in the plant’s cycle except for blooming.

Step Two: Think about lighting

One of the most important considerations for any grow room is light. You will need to determine where you are going to place your grow room and how much natural daylight will be available to you. In order to aid plant growth you are advised to purchase artificial lighting and reflective sheeting. The latter will maximise the light in the grow room, as it will reflect light from the walls and ceilings back to your plants.

Step Three: Decide what size grow room you need

Two factors must be considered when determining what size grow room to go for. Firstly, you need to think about the space you have available to you. Secondly, you need to consider how many plants you wish to grow. The most popular sizes on our website are 1m and 1.2m, as these allow eight or nine plants to grow to full size.


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