Home Security: It’s Not A Joke

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You don’t have to have kids in the house to care about home security, but when you do have children it feels like protecting your castle just stepped up a notch. Taking a moment to appreciate the fact that you have the opportunity to protect your home at all is important, and the next thing to do is start making a list of the home security that you could all benefit from. Below, you’ll find some home security tips that will keep you and your family as safe as possible.


Add A Sign. You may be waiting to figure out which home alarm system you want to add to your house, but while you’re trying to make that decision, you should add a sign to the outside of your home. There have been surveys done on people and a lot of the results say that they would avoid a home with a sign to say there is an alarm. If it’s going to be a simple deterrent, make sure that you get one.

Add Insurance. Not so much a way to protect your home against burglars, but a way to protect you if your home is robbed. No one likes to deal with the aftermath of a burglary, but if you have to be in that position it’s better to be in it with the right package from One Sure Insurance than it is to be without insurance at all. Ideally, you have contents insurance as well as buildings insurance, as you won’t have to worry about your things while in the emotional aftermath of a burglary.

Rethink The Alarm.While it’s always good to know that you have an alarm system home, eyewitness accounts of a home issue are sometimes more reliable. That being said, it is almost always better to have a basic alarm system in place. However, did you know that house alarms are false 85-90% of the time? It’s a concerning figure, and you need to decide whether you want one on your home at all if there’s even the slightest chance that the alarms won’t be effective. Moreover, comparing a few different home alarms from reputable suppliers like Verisure can therefore help you to find the right security system for your property. 

Invest In Cameras. If a break in is a prime concern in your neighbourhood, then it stands to reason that you should invest in video cameras to catch the perpetrator in action. Sometimes, seeing a camera can be a deterrent all by itself. Motion-active security cameras are going to make a huge difference to the safety of your home.

Lock Your Doors. The installation of very strong locks in your front and back doors by a local locksmith can be enough to scare someone away. Make sure that your locks are turned so the doors are secure, though. Don’t be idle about this – the faster you get into practicing locking the doors behind you, the better off you will be.

Turn On The Alarm. If you do decide to get a house alarm system, don’t forget to switch it on before you go out, especially if you are heading on vacation. You need your home to stay protected.


House security is not something to be lax about; it’s your castle. Be a knight.

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