Home Winter Tips To Get You Through The Cold Season

girl in the snow

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When it comes to winter, not all of us are the season’s biggest fans. Some of us will embrace the cold and icy weather. Perhaps enjoying the festive period, the snow and brisk cold days. Others will prefer to hibernate indoors at every opportunity. The one thing we all have in common with this season, is wanting to ensure that our homes can handle it. With that in mind, here are some of the home winter tips to get you through.   

girl in the snow

Check the weather the night before 

A great tip is to check the weather for the following day the night before. If you can see the temperature is going to drop below freezing then the chances are you are going to wake up to ice. This gives you a chance to grit paths and driveways, maybe even protect your windscreen so you don’t have to spend time heating the car up in the morning. You can also ensure that other things are protected ahead of the cold weather. A threat of snow may encourage you to park your car at a place where you know you won’t get struck. 

Is your heating system up to scratch? 

The winter means that we need the house to be warm and often we don’t check our heating systems unless they break on us. When they haven’t been used all summer and then expected to be ramped up to full temperature it can be pressuring on your system. It might be worth having someone give your gas boiler and heating system the once over to ensure that no parts are on their way out or there isn’t a likely break down in your future. It gives you the chance to make repairs before they are even needed. 

Go all Hygge and embrace the season

The winter season means that many of us prefer to be indoors, so why not embrace it and incorporate a few Hygge traits into your routine and home. Hygge is the act of warmth and coziness from Denmark. It means having candles and blankets, comfort food and warmth around you and enjoying the simpler things in life. 

Insulate the home

Insulation can really help keep your home warm. This means that you could insulate internal walls or the roof so that the heat doesn’t escape. Roof insulation in your attic could be done yourself but any other types of insulation may mean getting an expert in to handle it for you. 

Keep drafts at bay

Drafts can make a home or particular room feel cold, so you may want to try and pinpoint where they are coming from. Simple things such as covering up key holes or adding an extra brush or cover at the bottom of a door can help matters and avoid your home getting cold or heat escaping unnecessarily. If you’re dealing with serious drafts, go here to explore new window styles that will help keep your home warm. It could even add some value too!

Protect exterior pipework 

Finally, it isn’t just about what’s inside your home, you also need to think about exterior pipework and holes that could be causing issues or have problems when exposed to bad weather. Porter ting pipes with an extra layer of foam around them can enable them to stay a few degrees warmer avoiding them to freeze and cause problems in your home. 

Let’s hope these tips help you to get through the cold season. 

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