House Goals: Have You Chosen Yours?

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When you first start to think about the idea of house goals, it’s easy to see why people immediately think of big, gorgeous, grandiose houses. Thanks to social media and millennial lingo, this phrase has definitely taken on a new lease of life. However, it doesn’t have to mean the ultimate goal or an image of the best home. Because when we take things back, and look at the idea of house goals in a basic sense, it’s easy to see what setting house goals should be all about the goals you have for your home and what you want to achieve, property-speaking.

Now, you may still have those big, gorgeous, and grandiose house goals, and you’ll get there some day – but don’t you want to focus on your goals for right now. For getting yourself there. For taking the steps and moving on up with your home? Let’s take a look at some of the house goals you could set to help you here.

modern house


For you, maybe the ultimate goal is to be able to decorate the home? Because when it comes to living your life and being happy, you need to be in a house that you love. That you feel comfortable in. That adds value. It’s easy to see that decorating is all about aesthetics. But it’s not always – because it can really influence and facilitate your life!


As a step on from that, maybe you want to extend? If you want to think that you are running out of space, then this could be the goal that you work towards and start saving for right away.


Next up, it might be that you want to sell your house. Yet, before you can do this, you need to get everything ready. The conveyancing can be quite difficult, so you won’t want to dive right on in. Maybe you even need to do some renovations before you can think about listing the house, or you need to find an estate agent that you actually love. So make sure that you’re creating a to-do list for this and getting started as soon as possible.

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Then, it could be that you consider buying. Maybe you’re at a stage where you can sell and you know that you’ve got enough value in the property price. So then it’s time to search. It can be daunting when you’re ready, but if you do want to buy a new house and move, you have to start looking.


Not quite ready to buy? Or moving to an area that’s new to you? There are a lot of great things about renting even if it’s short term – like getting to know the area first and then deciding where exactly and what to buy. Letting Agents Southsea can help you to find the best deal.


Or maybe for you, you actually want to build. Maybe you’ve already been climbing the property ladder for long enough? If you’ve bought your starter home and moved, and maybe even moved again, maybe it’s time for your forever home now? It could be that you want to build it. And when it comes to building your own home, this can take a long time. It can also be expensive. So why not set this goal now and start working towards it? You can start to save or look for an architect well before you’re ready, just so that you’re prepared.

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