How Cats Can Improve Your Mental Health

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Ever wondered if cats can boost your mental health and help with general wellbeing? Well, they can – have a read of this article to find out why cats are great for our mental health.

They are Great Therapy Animals

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of therapy animals, therapy animals are a fairly new resource being used by therapists all over the world to effectively treat anxiety conditions. Therapy animals are used to treat conditions from generalised anxiety disorder to PTSD to depression. Dogs are perhaps the most well-known therapy animal, but cats make great therapy animals too. Cats have similar calming effects to dogs and allow patients to relax around them.

Cats are Great For De-stressing 

Cats are loving, affectionate animals, and are great companions if you’ve had a hard day and want to destress. Studies have found that petting animals significantly reduces levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body. There’s nothing like a bit of quiet, friendly companionship and the comforting purring noise to calm you down – the repetitive motion of stroking an animal has soothing benefits too. A cat’s purr happens to be within a specific range of human hearing, which is known to be medically therapeutic. A cat’s purr is not only calming for our minds; it can lower blood pressure and help with heavy and laboured breathing.

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Cats Make Great Companions

Cats are great, low maintenance companions. Having company around the house has numerous benefits for your mental health. One of the biggest causes of mental illness is loneliness and having a cat can help with these feelings of loneliness. Having a cat also gives you purpose as you have something to care for – having a small creature that relies on you for food, shelter, and affection can elevate your general well-being. Having a cat gives you a companion to come home to, predictable companionship, and a sense of stability – all great things for your mental health.

Cats Are Great Low Maintenance Pets

Dogs provide great companionship and can really boost your mental well-being but many people do not have the capacity to look after a dog. Whether this is because you are elderly and not able to walk the dog, live in a city, or simply do not have the mental capacity for such a demanding pet, dogs are just not for everyone. Cats can provide you with the comfort and companionship of a dog without having to take a huge chunk out of your day to look after them. All you really need to do is feed them!

Be Prepared

Once you have made the decision to give a cat a home, it’s important to be prepared. Just like you need to be careful with your own health, cats also need the right food to ensure they stay healthy. Popular brands such as Reveal provide high protein cat food made up of all-natural ingredients – perfect for maintaining the health of your feline friend. Your cat will also need a litter tray for indoors, and some toys.

These are just some of the ways that having a pet cat can boost your mental wellbeing. If you are feeling lonely and in need of a low maintenance, loving companion, don’t hesitate to adopt a cat today!

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