How Often to Service Your Kid’s Bike

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Keeping your child’s bike in top condition is about more than just a shiny frame. Regular servicing ensures a smooth, safe ride that keeps your little cyclist happy and prevents potential accidents. But how often should you be taking their bike in for a check-up?

Bobbin Bikes will answer that question and teach you the importance of servicing your child’s bike. Wait, who is Bobbin Bikes? Bobbin Bikes is Britain’s best-loved leisure bike brand, so trust me, they know what they’re talking about.

bike girl kid - How Often to Service Your Kid's Bike

How Often to Service Your Kid’s Bike

Why does regular servicing matter? 

A properly serviced bike is a pleasure to ride. Each pedal stroke is seamless, gears shift easily and brakes are operated quickly. That is to say, this will make your child happier and build their self-esteem.

While some bikes need regular maintenance, others do not so often. For example, BMX bikes for kids would require more maintenance as they are used more excessively than city bikes. Regular servicing goes beyond comfort. It also plays an important role in your child’s safety:

  • Reduced risk of accidents: Worn-down brakes, loose items, and tyres under-inflated might cause accidents. Servicing means fixing the situation before it becomes a real problem. 
  • Extends bike lifespan: Regular maintenance catches minor problems before they snowball into expensive repairs. Taking proper care of your child’s bike will extend the time you will enjoy riding on it. 
  • Maintains optimal performance: A properly maintained bike is more efficient, it needs less effort to pedal. This will make cycling an attractive activity for your child, by motivating him/her to go longer and more often on the bike.

How Often Should You Service Your Kid’s Bike? 

The frequency of servicing is relative to how often your child rides and the environment they ride in. Here’s a general guideline: 

  • Regular riders (weekly): For kids who often use the bikes on a weekly basis, a regular service of 3-4 months is recommended. It can be a set of steps like an inspection of tyre pressure, brakes, gears, and chain lubing. 
  • Occasional riders (monthly): Make sure your child services their bike every 6 months if they ride their bike only a few times a month. 
  • After a season change or long storage: Each cycling season or after a prolonged period in storage, a complete service is better than delaying. 

However, take these as suggestions only. If you notice that your child’s bike has issues with loose handlebars, brake pads which wear out, or difficulty with shifting gears, then do not hesitate to take it in for a service, irrespective of the recommended schedule. For advanced advice and servicing, please go to Bobbin Bikes to get more information on cycling.

They offer a wide range of children’s bikes, including 20-inch boy bikes and girl bikes models which are perfect for growing riders. They also stock a fantastic selection of BMX-style bikes for kids who crave adventure and a wide selection of adult bikes. 

This is an opportunity for you to explore the world with your child. Regular servicing and proper care will ensure your child rides the bike for many adventurous and healthy miles.

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