How Our Local Community Can Have A Positive Impact On Our Lives


We often take things granted but with Christmas being around the corner it’s good to stop for a moment and think about all the small things and the people around us who make our lives easier or help us either by profession or by passion.

As human beings, we need a sense of belonging to somewhere, and that sense of belonging is what also connects us. When you’re new to an area, or even before moving in, it is important to explore and investigate what sort of help the local community can provide you with.

The local community is the group of individuals that interact within their immediate environment. All local business operators, public agency staff and residents. They share resources, information and assistance.

As a mum of two I often rely on my local community and friends. Visiting the GP service with one of the children happens quite often, naturally, we don’t give an extra thought to our NHS services – but we really should. Universal healthcare is a fantastic human invention. And we can say the same about the free educational services. Being an active parent, volunteer at school fairs, open days, help to raise money is beneficial for all the children and the families.

The local shops play an important role in a community’s life. Sourcing food and other goods locally will not only be good for the shop keepers, but it’s also good for the environment, as locally grown food doesn’t have to travel far to reach your local shelves. It even boosts the economy, so shop local if you can!

Occasionally, we also visit our local solicitor or other legal services, my husband for example is a firm believer of getting professional advice when you need one. He’s right in some cases, opinions from friends and relatives are simply not enough, maybe not the right one either. Slater and Gordon is one of the UK’s largest law firms with expert Solicitors in locations across England, Scotland and Wales, and they have an office near us too.

Local clubs like our tennis club, my former NCT club (where I met most of my local mummy friends) or even the local YMCA play a very important role in lots of families’ life and of course some charities and churches do a valuable work for communities too.

Everyone benefits from a strong and thriving local community. It is important to appreciate it and give back, do what we can. Getting active in our community does require effort but it’s well worth it.

This is a collaborative post.

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