How To Adapt Your Elderly Parent’s Home To Their Changing Needs

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As our parents get older, it is important that we find ways to support their changing needs. Loss of mobility is one of the most common changes that happen as we age, which can make it difficult to navigate through your home. When this happens, it is important that you find ways to support your parents and do what you can to ensure their home can support their changing needs. Most older adults would have lived in their homes for years, so ideally, they will want to stay there, as opposed to moving somewhere else or moving into a care home.

If you have wanted to find ways to help your parents feel more comfortable at home, then this article is for you. In this article, we will go over some top tips that will help you make appropriate changes that can continue to support your parents as they get older. Keep on reading to find out more.

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How To Adapt Your Elderly Parent’s Home To Their Changing Needs

Ask Them What They Need

One of the best ways to understand how you can adapt your parents’ home is to ask them what they need simply. They are the people who know the most about how their lives are changing and what health issues they are experiencing, so it is important that you do not leave them out of the decision-making process. Sit down with both of your parents anddiscuss what concerns they have about their current home. You can ask them what type of things they are struggling with majorly at the moment, as this will give you a clear indication as to what needs to be changed. Perhaps make a list and prioritise what things need to change first so that your parents can start living their life comfortably again. Keep your parents involved in the decision-making process too, as it is their home.

Install A Stairlift

If your parents are struggling with getting up and down the stairs, then you should definitely consider installing a stairlift. Stairlifts can transform the lives of elderly people as they no longer have to worry about potentially falling getting up or down the stairs. The great thing about stairlifts is that they are very easy to install, and they can be fitted to any stair type. You will need to contact a stairlift company and have them come over to your parent’s house to assess and measure their stairs. Once all of the measurements have been done, you should be able to have the stairlift fitted in a matter of days. Stairlifts are designed to be easy to use, so you won’t have to worry about your parents not understanding the controls. You could even ask the person installing the stairlift to give a quick demo, so your parents can get the hang of things.

Adapt The Bedroom

Adapting your parent’s bedroom is another important thing you need to take into consideration when you are making changes to their home. It could be that as your parents have gotten older, they struggle with getting in and out of bed. If this is the case, then you should invest in a riser recliner bed as this will give your parents the support they need. As well as ensuring that they have a comfortable and safe bed, you should also make sure that their bedroom feels cosy. Think about adding some nice touches like new curtains or a new carpet, to help them feel more settled. Browse a range of curtain styles and have your parents choose the one they like the most.

Renovate The Bathroom

One thing your parents may be struggling with is getting in and out the shower. There is a huge slip risk with bathrooms, so it is important that you spend time renovating the bathroom, so that it is safe for your parents to use. In terms of what style of bathroom, the best type for those with mobility issues is a wet room, as this is a completely flat surface, meaning you don’t need to step over something to get into the shower physically. It may also be beneficial to fit a shower seat in the bathroom, so if your parents struggle to stand for a long time, they can still wash themselves comfortably.

Add Grabrails Throughout The Home

Installing grabrails throughout your parents’ home is another great way of supporting them as they get older. You may find that your parents currently rely on the support of walls as they walk through their home, which is a clear indication that they need grabrails fitted. Ask your parents which part of the home they feel is the most difficult to get around and fit somegrabrails in that point. The great thing about installing grabrails is that it is super easy, and you can even do it yourself. It also means that if you need to install a new one or take one away, you can do so very easily.

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