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How to Build a Good Relationship with Your Child’s Teacher

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Yourself and your child’s teacher have one thing in common; you both want the best for your child, personally and more importantly, academically. Many experts and researchers say that teachers are the second most important person in a child’s life, because they have such a huge influence on their overall growth and development. With that said, it’s important that parents and teachers work together to ensure the child in question makes the most of the education. Here are some tips from a preparatory school in Middlesex to help you build a strong relationship with your child’s teacher.

teacher school

Try and have regular face-to-face conversations with your child’s teacher, as this type of communication can be far more effective than sending letters/notes back and forth to one another. Make sure the teacher has a copy of all your contact information and let them know how often you would like to receive updates regarding your child’s progress.

Communication goes both ways, so be sure to inform your child’s teacher if something is going on at home that they should know about. This will help with any transitions they might be going through. Come up with a communication plan together that suits you both.

Encourage the teacher through thank you notes, gifts and compliments throughout the year, such as Christmas and the end of term. This assures them that their hard work is being recognised, which will not only strengthen their relationship with you and your child, but it will also inspire them to continue doing the best for their pupils.

The more involved you are with your child’s education, which includes building a relationship with their teacher, the more likely they are to perform well. This is because they will want to impress you and they will feel safe and cared for both at home and a school.

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