How to Choose Between Different Wall Mount TV Brackets

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Mounting your flat screen TV to the wall will offer more space in the room to use for other things and it will also offer a comfortable viewing experience for you. The room will feel more organised and tidy and it can also seem more spacious. This is often difficult with particularly large TVs of 70 inches or more. However, Vogel’s offers you quality-tested, powerful and innovative a 75 inch tv bracket too.

When choosing a wall mount TV bracket, you need to consider the size of your flat screen TV and whereabouts it will be fitted. The seating area, where you will be viewing the television from and the distance between that and the TV needs to be considered as well. Wall mount TV brackets come in a range of sizes and movement options. Most wall mount TV brackets sit flush against the wall or can be tilted at an angle. 

Let’s explore the difference between them to help you to choose!

living room

How to Choose Between Different Wall Mount TV Brackets

Fixed wall mount TV bracket

This is the most common kind of wall mount. This kind of bracket doesn’t allow for you to tilt or move the TV but it’s perfect if you want a non-fuss wall mount, that can’t bee seen once it’s up. Simple and safe.

Tilt wall mount TV bracket

The tilt wall mount bracket allows the TV to tilt downwards. This is handy if you are sitting and watching the television at a much lower viewing position (sitting on the floor for example or in your bedroom lying in bed). It offers more comfort by being able to manoeuvre the TV. Choosing a tilt bracket gives you the flexibility to change your TV position whilst maintaining the low profile look of a flat wall mount.

Swivel wall mount TV bracket

As opposed to the tilt bracket, the swivel bracket allows for you to move your TV horizontally (although some swivel brackets can do both). It’s naturally can’t be mounted as flat as the fixed wall mount TV bracket, because needs to support the range of movement with the help of a slightly extended arm. Ideal choice for large rooms and kitchens or bars.

Full motion wall mount TV bracket

A full-motion wall mount TV bracket can swivel through 180 degrees. These mounts usually have a moveable arm that allows the TV to extend out from the wall and be angled towards the viewer. It’s handy if you need to put the mount in a corner where the TV wouldn’t be able to sit without it.

Full motion motorised wall mount TV bracket

This is of course the most convenient options of all wall mount TV bracket. You don’t even have to move from your couch or bed to move the TV to the preferred viewing angle.


When choosing which bracket will suit your needs best, first identify where you want to position your wall mount TV and how you want to view it. Apart from that, here’s a checklist what to consider when buying a wall mount TV bracket:

  • quality of the material

  • strengt and safety

  • future-proof design

  • respecting people and planet

  • ease of installation

  • service and support

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