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How to Choose Stucco, Stone, Roofing & Siding Contractors in Winnipeg

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Maintaining a house to come home to every day can be tough. People often see small faults in their homes, like a leaking roof or wall paint chipping off. This can become a problem when one does not know how to fix the small errors in their homes.

For this reason, the best way to choose the right contractors for your home is by looking at the company’s certification and how they run their business.

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What Protective Equipment Do Construction Workers Need?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the type of clothing construction workers wear to keep their bodies from being injured. PPE must be worn by the workers at all times while they are on the building site. Wearing protective equipment is mandatory for all workers, and it consists of:

  • Eye and face protection- To ensure nothing gets in their eyes, workers wear safety goggles
  • Foot protection – Workers should wear boots with puncture and slip-resistant soles to ensure they don’t lose their balance
  • Hand protection – Often times workers get exposed to chemicals and other harmful metals that can cause cancer. This is why gloves are a crucial part of the PPE

Learn more about the basic personal protective equipment needed for construction workers to ensure their safety here:

Choosing The Right Building Material For Your Home

When it comes to choosing materials for your walls and roof, the possibilities are limitless. With so many options to choose from it will be easy to transform your home into something unique. Contractors typically offer the following services:


The most important contractual part of your home is the roof. A roof that leaks water can quickly become a big problem and should be taken care of as fast as possible. It is important to leave this matter to the professionals who know what to look for and fix the problem fast and effectively.

Some warning signs of a faulty roof are: Dripping water in the house while it is raining, watermarks on the ceiling, and mold.


Stucco is a fine plaster that is used to decorate walls. It is plastered onto a wall while it is still wet and it hardens when it gets dry. This makes it one of the toughest building materials you will find. With four stucco finishes to choose from you can be sure to have a unique looking wall.

Watch this video to learn more about different Stucco finishes on homes.

Even the toughest building materials get damaged and need fixing from time to time. Some signs of a damaged stucco wall can be cracks, moss, stains, and crumbles. This is when an expert’s help is needed and they can easily fix the error.


Upon construction stone may be expensive, however it is still a good option to go for. Considering the cost of maintenance and its life span however, stone walls are a good economical choice.

Vertical stamped stones are non-identical stones put together to form a pattern. Some stones may be big and square while others can be small and round. One of the many benefits of choosing the vertical stamped option is that there are no limits considering pattern or colour options. Some other benefits of going with this option are: it has a long lifespan, low maintenance, quick to install, and adds value to your home.


There are five types of siding for your wall: metal, vinyl, brick, stone, and wood. When choosing the right material for the siding of the wall there are some important factors to consider.

First, it is always important to consider the cost. The next step will be to make a decision on what will be easiest to transport and install. Finally make a decision based on the durability of the siding. You don’t want to choose something that you frequently have to fix or replace.

To ensure you pick the right kind of material, you can consult companies like Del’s Exteriors Winnipeg for expert advice.

When fixing, maintaining, or upgrading your home, always seek a contractor’s help. They are qualified and have the right experience to give the right advice and help fix or replace those unwanted errors in your home.

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