How to Clean Gutters from the Ground


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Cleaning gutters is an essential task when it comes to home improvement – but it is also one of the most dangerous tasks there is. Considering that gutters are so high up, you would normally have to climb up a ladder to give it a proper clean.

Now, this might not seem like such a big deal – but when you find yourself several feet above ground, you will quickly realise the dangers. When you are high up a ladder, you put yourself at risk of falling – and we can all assume what such a fall can do to your health. Forget the broken bones; if you fall from really high, you can even get a head injury – or worse, lose your life.

If you want to avoid these risks, you might want to learn how to clean gutters from the ground. This way, if you end up falling, at least it will be because you tripped over your own feet on the ground.

CSM North East are expert fascia and soffit installers who also specialise in guttering installations. They share how you can do it yourself – the cleaning, not the falling.


Vacuum Cleaning the Gutters

You might be surprised to find out that you can actually vacuum clean your gutters when you are safe on the ground. Granted, a house vacuum won’t cut it, so you will have to shop for a heavy-duty model. You might also want to buy a gutter cleaning attachment to your vacuum – which is practically a cane-shaped hose that can reach high up in the gutter.

Bear in mind that the vacuum is only suitable for cleaning soft debris, such as pine needles and leaves. You might also want to pick up the leaves that have already fallen since dirt and decomposing leaves can be heavy. That’s how to clean the gutters from the ground like a pro.

Gutter Cleaning with a Hose

If your gutters are not really that clogged and you want to give them a good clean, then you might want to try a garden hose. Bear in mind that for this, you will also need an attachment. Purchase a telescopic rod that is curbed at the gutter point and push away the debris from the gutter using the water pressure. Work your way until the debris reaches the downspout on the side.

At the same time, your garden hose must have good water pressure. Otherwise, you will only end up creating a puddle in your gutter, making the situation even worse.

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Investing in Gutter Cleaning Tools

Nowadays, there are several types of tools that can help in your quest of cleaning your gutters from the ground. Depending on the brand, the tool might look different, but generally speaking, they all involve a set of tongs that can pick up the debris. Once you take out most of the “mass,” you can use a hose or a vacuum to pick up the rest.

So, this is how to clean the gutters from the ground. As you can see, home improvement does not have to be dangerous.

For more information, speak to guttering fitters, CSM North East.

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