How to Create The Perfect Family Games Room

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With the holiday season quickly creeping in, you might be thinking of surprising your family with something special. Why not create a family games room in your spare room? Forget about the individual gifts and make this a project for everyone to pitch in! Once the games room is complete, the whole family can enjoy it – what else do you need?

Have you been thinking about what to do with your spare room? Perhaps have always dreamt of having a family games room. Now, is the right time to start planning your dream games room. If you are anything like my, you will love the planning part. If not, I’m here to help and I’m not alone.

Today, I’m partnering up with Hamilton Billiards, snooker table manufacturers, who have been creating bespoke snooker tables for game rooms all across the country. So, as they have seen it all, Hamilton Billiards can give some tips and tricks on how to create the perfect family games room.

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Planning is the most important step

I know it might not be the most exciting step of creating a games room but planning is essential. Good planning is the foundation what will soon turn into your family’s favourite room in the house. So, it’s important to do it, and to do it well. The team at Hamilton Billiards recommend sitting down with your family and brainstorming ideas together. After all, you’re all going to using this space.

Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum advises on creating a mood board. “Creating a mood board is a great way to see if your ideas can complement each other and how best to go about choosing different colours, patterns and more.” And I couldn’t agree more. Mood boards are an easy way to visually put together what you want to achieve.

Thinking about the games

Once you’ve decided on the colours and the style that you want to go for, you can then start thinking about the games you want your games room to include. Do you want to go for modern games? Games console accessories, computers, virtual reality… Do you want to go for traditional games? Snooker tables, board games… it’s up to you!

Just Eilidh says that something that her and her family can’t say no to is a good family game. “We can’t say no to a good family game – board game, table game, anything and everything that will get us using our bodies, brains and some healthy competition.” I’m right there with her! No matter how interesting modern games and consoles are, traditional games are simply fantastic!

Game tables, such as snooker tables, are always a hit with the family at least when we go down to the pub and play some games together. So, having one at the one would be a great idea! Lamb and Bear shared some benefits of snooker, mentioning that “by playing snooker you can improve critical thinking skills, focus, hand-eye coordination and more – it’s a great sport!”

Decorate and bring it all together

Take free time aside to prepare the room – paint it as you wish, add the furniture, the games and then finish off with little décor pieces that bring the room together. Do it as a family and put together the family games room of your dreams!

However, as Tantrums to Smiles comments, “Of course if you don’t have the space for a games room that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a family games night! All you need is a little space, perhaps a small coffee table or dining room table and some fun family friendly games.”

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