How To Design A Bathroom That Serves You Longer

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Whenever we invest in bathroom renovation (or any renovation for that matter) it’s crucial, that since we’re investing a lot of money in it, it will actually last and serve us for the years to come. I’m always in favour of the Buy Less, Buy Better rule, because I hate wasting money, time and creating more landfill just by buying cheaper that really doesn’t last long enough. I’ve learnt this the last time we have renovated our bathroom. 

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Choose timeless designs

Don’t fall for the current trends: choose things that reflect your taste but at the same time they won’t go out of fashion in a year or two. Combine natural looks with a bit of a gloss: add French iron work, natural stones like marble, light colour shades of ivory, soft turquoise, wooden finishing touches and uncomplicated mirrors will always work well.

Add temporary accessories

Any bathroom or room can be made look more updated with a few trendy bits and pieces – from time to time. This means you can keep the more expensive bits for longer, because they are rather timeless. But a contemporary vase, rug, or towel stand can add an inexpensive but on trend addition.

Think about your older years

Investing in a quality walk in shower apart that is designed to allow everyone to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing shower with complete confidence and safety is a good way of thinking forward. You can still keep your claw-foot bath tub – but installing a walk in shower as well will mean, that you don’t have to worry about “what ifs”.

Quality over everything

I’ve learnt it all too well at the last renovation that cheap things will end up being expensive on the longer run. So as long as it’s not urgent to replace something and money money matters – better to buy from individual manufacturers and retailers rather than a cheap DIY warehouse…

Look after your bathroom

You are probably doing all these things, but maybe you find some more ideas, so here goes:

  • By never over-tightening the taps, the washers will remain intact and should last much longer
  • Make sure any rubber seals are staying in tact
  • Remove hair from the drain after every hair wash,  just do it immediately
  • Look after the extractor fans, they can collect a lot of dust
  • Soak your shower head in vinegar mixed water or washing soda  mixed with water to remove buildup and give it a good scrub

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