How To Design Your Perfect Garden From Scratch

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How To Design Your Perfect Garden From Scratch

Gardening is one of the most therapeutic and relaxing activities you can do. Spending a whole weekend outside, just deadheading here and there, pruning a hedge or planting a new find from the garden centre is the best way for everyone to slow down after a hectic week and just be with nature.

The only thing is that sometimes, your garden isn’t quite as you would wish it – especially if you’ve just moved house and haven’t had a chance to fix up that boring yard into something magical. While it is winter and the ground is frozen, you can’t do very much, but you can get out your coloured pencils and start making some plans.

Create a Rough Outline of the Boundaries

Start by drawing the shape of your garden. It doesn’t have to be a perfect drawing of exacting standards at this stage, just enough to give you an idea. If there are some things you want to keep, like a nicely trimmed hedge or a water feature, draw these on to your plan. The purpose is to see what the space you have is really like without all the things you hate.

Now you can see what you are working with, you can start drawing on ideas for what you would like in your garden. Perhaps you would like a raised bed over here, maybe a vegetable patch over there. Are you planning to grow a fruit tree? Would you like a water feature if there isn’t one already? As you draw, you can see what you can fit in and experiment with different designs.

Small Garden Buildings

In an ideal world, you would have your garden and then another space for all the preparation work, storage and compost heap. However, these things can all be fitted into your back garden with a bit of sensible planning. For a start, you should think carefully about what you actually need and where you could be smarter about your ideas.

One example is the idea of a combined greenhouse and shed. This will give you ample storage space as well as a protected area for seedlings. It might sound a bit mad, but visit and you will see that this is actually a really good idea to save a bit more space!

Garden Furniture

If you plan to spend any time in your garden, some furniture is a must. It might just a be a small bench against the back wall, giving you the best view of all the plants, but having somewhere to sit with a brew and a biscuit, is the gardener’s reward at the end of a long day weeding.

Having a table and chairs or even a picnic table is ideal for dining outside in the summer months and adding a big umbrella will help to shelter you from the heat. Thinking of the summer – a hammock hung between two trees, or even between well anchored hanging basket posts sounds like a rather nice idea.

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