How to Encourage Your Child’s Tentative Interest in Sports


When your child shows even a glimmer of an interest in sports, it can seem like a huge revelation. Everyone wants their child to be active and to have their own interests and hobbies. But how can encourage this interest in the right way and help to nurture it? It’s not easy, and many parents go about it in entirely the wrong way. That’s what you need to avoid, so read on to learn more.

Number one thing, I would say, if you are are a parent who does play sport – like I play tennis – it’s always good to take them with you. I did that on a number of occasions: took them to watch me play tennis, even let my girl to help me to choose tennis shoes from for women because they love the involvement. They are more likely to take up the same sport as you do.

How to Encourage Your Child's Tentative Interest in Sports

Ensure They Have the Right Equipment

First of all, you’ll need to think about how they’re going to play the sport they’ve taken an interest in. They’re going to need some sports gear and some equipment in order for them to play and practice. Is that something you’re prepared to cover the costs of? You should be if you’re serious about encouraging your child to take a deeper interest in sport as they grow and develop in life.

For example: if your child is into contact sports, this professional dentist in Harrisburg highly recommends getting them custom mouthguards to make sure that their teeth are properly protected from impact.

Encourage Them to Eat Healthy

Part of taking an active interest in sports involves looking after yourself, and this is true for kids too. You want them to have a fully rounded view of exercise and fitness, and that means you will need to encourage them to eat healthy. You can do this by reading about the best snacks for sporty kids and matching their diet to their level and type of activity. Doing so will encourage them to approach sport in the right way and keep them healthy as they get active.

Find a Local Team They Can Join

Next, you should think about looking into the options open to them regarding competitive play. Of course, they’re nothing wrong with playing sports casually, but sometimes you need to encourage your child to take that next step. This usually involves joining a local kids team and playing competitively in some kind of league system. It could be exactly what they need in order for their love of the sport to truly grow and flourish.child holding tennis racket on tennis court

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Them

It’s really important not to put too much pressure on your kids to succeed at this sport because that will stress them out. They’re kids, and it’s about fun, play and creativity. Don’t turn it into a chore for them because this will simply result in them taking less of an interest in the sport and they might even grow to hate it if you become one of those pushy parents.

Be There to Support Them When They Lose

Things aren’t always going to go their way when they’re playing sports, and that’s why you have to be there as a parent when they lose or they don’t get picked for the team. Those problems can all be overcome, but it’s much easier to do that they have strong parental support and reassurance behind them, so you need to make sure that’s there when they need it.

It’s great that your child is showing an active interest in sports, and it’s most definitely something you should be encouraging, so take note of the ideas discussed above. They could help take your child’s burgeoning interest in a sport to the next level.

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