How to Ensure Your Child Stays Safe When Studying Away from Home

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If your child has announced that they want to study away from home then you may have many concerns and worries about their safety. It is natural as a parent to constantly worry about where your child is and what they are doing, but these worries can be heightened considerably when your child is away from home. However, there are many positives that your child can benefit from if they want to study away from home, such as more job opportunities and the chance of learning a second language. Therefore, we have put together these helpful tips on how to ensure that your child stays safe when studying away in the UK or abroad.


Make a Copy of Travel Documents

It is a good idea for you to make a copy of your child’s important travel documents in case of an emergency or if they lose them while they are away. You should copy documents such as travel insurance documentation, their passport ID page, and flight and hotel reservations. Having more than one copy of important documents can be a lifesaver if something gets lost.

Ensure They Have Safe and Secure Accommodation

It is important that your child is staying somewhere secure while they are studying away from home. Both for their own safety as well as your own peace of mind. You may want to go with your child to find somewhere suitable for them to stay so that you are sure that it is appropriate. For example, the student accommodation provided by Collegiate in Lisbon and other European countries is well-known for being a reliable and trustworthy place for students studying away from home. Their student accommodation offers stylish, private living spaces, and a central location with 24/7 concierge and state of the art security.

Get them Travel Insurance

Just like any other trip away from home, it is important that your child has insurance to protect them while they are away. This is particularly crucial if they are going to be living abroad during their studies. While the chances of anything going wrong is unlikely, both you and your child will feel more secure knowing that they are covered by an insurance policy. You can get insurance policies that cover your child for different things, such as health costs as well as the loss or theft of electrical devices.

Teach Them About Personal Safety

You should have a conversation with your child about personal safety and how to look after themselves before they go away from home to study. They should be aware of how to protect themselves and their belongings, such as not walking alone at night and keeping their bags zipped to make it more difficult for thieves to rob them. You should also discuss with them the laws and regulations that exist in the country they are heading to, so they avoid getting into trouble.

Your child going away from home to study can be an anxiety-provoking time but following these tips may help you feel more confident about their safety.

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